Bombshell Evidence that Antifa Planned to Film Activists and Alex Jones on Jan 6th



Bombshell Evidence that Antifa Planned to Film Activists on Jan 6th

On Jan 31st of 2020 the Rundown Live received a tip from a listener to a Antifa twitter thread containing a link to an airtable website. Upon investigation the website detailed upwards of 250 photographs of activists, protesters and radio show hosts such as Alex Jones, including an express link for each individual to report their locations on Jan 6th. Many of those same individuals were filmed and ended up on the FBI Jan 6th wanted list. Did Leftists attend January 6th and target Trump supporters and submit their videos to the federal government (FBI), weaponizing the feds against them? It seems so. Antifa deep throated the boot and became little agents of the state to surgically dismantle their right wing adversaries. Now Antifa activists are in a disarray as they are receiving Facebook messages making them aware that their online conversations were turned over to the FBI under Joe Biden’s Administration after tweets threatening terrorist attacks on America in response to Roe vs Wade decision.  

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