Artificial Leaf Technology Could One Day Power Our World


This artificial leaf creates methanol, absorbs CO2 from the air and is 10 times more efficient than plant photosynthesis. Can you be-leaf it?!
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Scientists at the University of Waterloo in Canada have come up with a new design for an artificial leaf. Not only is this technology 10 times more efficient than plant photosynthesis, it might help us move away from the fossil fuels that are getting us into so much trouble.

Since the 1970s, research groups from around the world have been vying to create the first fully-functioning, commercially viable artificial leaf. As a result, various iterations of artificial leaf technologies have unfurled across the world, with each new design building on the success of its predecessors. But the latest breakthrough comes from a Waterloo University-based team.

Instead of producing glucose and oxygen like plants do, this artificial leaf tech is capable of producing methanol, which is a cleaner burning fuel than gasoline, while also scrubbing carbon dioxide from the air and producing oxygen.

Find out more about the different approaches to artificial leaf tech and how this latest research could provide us with an alternative to petroleum and petroleum byproducts in this Elements.

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