Amidst Ukraine Crisis, Govt Finally Admits False Flags Are Real


• The US & NATO are continuing imperialist expansions in Eastern Europe, creating conflict in the region with aggressive foreign policy. In the process, the American mainstream media has acknowledged the legitimacy of false flag operations.


Don Via Jr. | The Free Thought Project


Amid the latest rising tensions between the United States / NATO and Russia over Ukraine, quite a startling admission has recently been made. It is one that caught many off-guard, and for the most part has completely fallen under the radar of the general public, overshadowed by the overall conflict.

After years of slander and vilification, the so-called “conspiracy theorists” have been vindicated yet again. The American mainstream media, as well as the federal government itself, have now openly admitted to the existence of false flag operations.

In this long-awaited second installment of The Free Thought Project’s Conspiracy Fact Series, we will dive into these revelations, and the history of some known false flag attacks. Showing that the usage of these clandestine operations is far from atypical and have been used to shape public narrative for decades, if not centuries.

On January 14th Politico published an article titled “U.S. Intel Suggests Russia Is Planning A False Flag Operation“. Citing National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, who said —

“Russia is laying the groundwork to have the option of fabricating a pretext for an invasion, including through sabotage activities and information operations, by accusing Ukraine of preparing an imminent attack against Russian forces in Eastern Ukraine,”

This being the latest State Department talking point as Western governments ramp up their efforts in the New Cold War against their geopolitical adversaries.

The latest crisis has seen a rise in tensions along the Ukrainian/ Russian border as both NATO, led by the US, and Russia amass troops in the region — striking fears of a potential showdown between the powers harkening back to the 2014 conflict in Crimea which saw the peninsula annexed by Russian forces.

With this latest allegation from Politico asserting that Russia may stage an attack against itself to justify an invasion of Ukraine. This is despite multiple denials from Moscow, and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov blasting the allegations as “total disinformation”.

However the hostilities are not as clean-cut as American mainstream media would have you believe. This latest schism comes after years of escalating altercations. Chief among them; the US backing of Neo-Nazi militants in Ukraine feeding into the hostilities. This is a practice stretching back to the February 2014 overthrow of Ukraine’s democratically-elected government in a coup by fascist forces backed by the West.

It was this event which sparked the annexation crisis later that year as Crimea and Donbas refused to recognize the new fascist government.

These latest escalations serving to pour gasoline on a slow-burning fire threatening Eastern Europe as the US vies to maintain its global supremacy.

Escalations in and of themselves quite concerning, considering the developments that have already taken place; Including the now thoroughly debunked RussiaGate election meddling hoax, in line with a slew of anti Russian propaganda.

This propaganda is in addition to economic warfare in the form of increased sanctions, and dangerously provocative military & covert action. Such as the regular disruptions and even attacks by the US Coalition against Russian forces battling the Islamic State in Syria; and the US facilitated attempted coups in Belarus last year, and Kazakhstan earlier this month – both staunch Russian allies along their borders.

But as stated earlier, the ongoing geopolitical strife has undercut an astonishing intelligence blunder: the admittance of the use of false flag operations as a means of conducting covert warfare.

For years, those who spoke of false flags were derided as lunatic conspiracy theorists. “The government would never do that!” – detractors would proclaim.

But now, as political analyst Caitlin Johnstone points out, it’s now no longer a crazy conspiracy theory to talk about false flags so long as the corporate media acting at the behest of the intelligence community uses it to spread imperialist propaganda.

Stating —

“This sudden embrace of the idea that governments can stage attacks on their own people to justify their own pre-existing agendas is a sharp pivot from the scoff which such a notion in mainstream liberal circles has typically received. This 2018 article from The New York Times simply dismisses the idea that the 2014 Maidan massacre was a false flag carried out by western-backed opposition fighters in Ukraine to frame the riot police of the government who was ousted in that coup, for example, despite the existence of plenty of evidence that this is indeed what happened.”


“Articles denouncing the very idea of “false flag conspiracy theories” surface routinely in the mass media. Snopes has a whole article explaining that false flags are kooky nonsense without any mention of the fact that this is a known tactic we’ve seen intelligence operatives discussing in declassified documents, like when the CIA considered planting bombs in Miami to blame Castro.”

Continuing on to say,

“None of this is to say that every theory about any false flag operation is true; many are not. But the way the mass media will instantly embrace an idea to which they’ve heretofore been consistently hostile just because their government told them to to do it says so much about the state of the so-called free press today,” …….. “The way false flag operations were widely considered conspiratorial hogwash until the instant they were reported as real by the media institutions who’ve lied to us about every war is downright creepy.”

Creepy indeed. And it demonstrates the perpetually perfunctory nature of the American media apparatus controlled by and serving the interests of the ruling class, as discussed in part one of this series.

As the threat of a potential conflict increases many have made astute observations worth considering. Veteran independent journalist Dan Dicks recently called attention to the high probability that US allegations of a Russian false flag could itself be an information warfare false flag against Russia.

As it turns out, Dicks’ analysis may indeed be correct. It has since been reported that the allegations of a potential Russian false flag only came about following the visit of the director of the Central Intelligence Agency to Kiev, Ukraine’s capital — causing even greater scrutiny to the unsubstantiated dubious claim.

Adding to that with greater concern is the recent official confirmation that the CIA is in fact training Ukrainian neofascist paramilitaries for a potential guerrilla-war insurgency that would have devastating repercussions should it become a reality.

Furthering this speculation, militia leaders in the Donbass region have recently levelled their own accusations, these against Ukraine, stating that Ukrainian Special Forces trained by the British are planning a false flag of their own to frame Russia.

While they provided no evidence and therefore this may just be a Tit-for-Tat of baseless allegations, it certainly seems like a plausibility when looking at the aforementioned evidence — especially considering how the United Kingdom has recently despatched weaponry and a special forces regiment to assist Ukraine’s military.

Appearing to be one of the only voices of reason in American politics, former congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard recently lambasted the latest escalations as being caused by warmongers of the current Administration, primarily National Security Advisor Sullivan and Secretary of State Blinken.

She stated

“Unfortunately, in this White House, we have warmongers and people like Jake Sullivan and Tony Blinken, who had a very strong hand in being the architects of regime change wars in Iraq, in Libya, in Syria and they’re the ones who are influencing the decisions being made by this White House,” 

With all this talk of false flags, it is imperative to reiterate this is not a new phenomenon. The use of false flags, unofficially known as provocation operations or strategic provocations within the clandestine services, is one that has been efficiently utilized time and again throughout the history of warfare.

As argued in a section of part one, they play a pivotal role in establishing the precedent upon which the agendas of imperialism are built, and which proliferates the military-industrial complex. Case in point, the fact that so much of the mainstream media is sponsored by the very corporations that profit from the wars the media sells.

Their influence and control of the flow of information causing American society to become apathetically war hungry — turning a blind eye to the countless blatant lies used to justify our military incursions, and the immeasurable death and destruction it wreaks across the planet.

From what can be best ascertained, the term and use of false flags originates in 17th or 18th century Naval warfare, in which ships would literally fly a false flag, typically of their adversaries, in order to launch surprise attacks. From there the tactic quickly evolved into usage within land warfare as well.

History is rife with examples of officially admitted and acknowledged false flag operations used to create major conflicts.

One of the earliest instances occurred in 1788, when King Gustav III of Sweden employed the tailor of Stockholm’s Royal Opera to sew Russian uniforms, which were then worn by Swedish soldiers attacking a Swedish border outpost to instigate the Russo-Swedish War.

In 1931, Imperial Japanese soldiers bombed their own railway in the province of Mukden, in order to blame their Chinese adversaries and initiate the invasion of Manchuria. This single incident shaped much of our modern geopolitical atmosphere today — as it led to the rise of Japanese aggression in Eastern Asia, resulting in the infamous 1937 Nanjing Massacre, and later Pearl Harbor.

During the Nuremburg Trials SS Major Alfred Naujocks admitted to participating in Operation Himmler on the evening of August 31st, 1939. He testified that he led Nazi units to attack a German radio station in Gleiwitz posing as Polish soldiers. This and other attacks carried out simultaneously were used by Adolf Hitler as justification the following day to initiate the Blitzkrieg against Poland and begin World War II.

On November 26th 1939, the Soviet Red Army shelled one of their own villages, Mainila, with artillery fire. After, they falsely implicating the Fins, as pretext to start the Winter War of 1939-40.

In the lead-up to Operation Ajax in 1953, which saw Iran’s democratically elected government overthrown in a coup d’état orchestrated by the United States and Great Britain, the CIA working with British intelligence used Iranian assets posing as Communists to commit bombing attacks in order to sew public discontent with the Shah to facilitate a color-revolution.

In 1954, a sleeper cell attached to Israeli military intelligence in Egypt orchestrated Operation Susannah, informally known as The Lavon Affair. The agents committed bombings of several Egyptian and Western institutions in Egypt with the intention of framing Israel’s Egyptian political rivals. But the plan came apart when one of the bombs detonated prematurely. The Israeli saboteurs were arrested, and the false flag was exposed, directly impacting geopolitical relations in the region to this day.

In 1992, documents were Declassified from the CIA detailing a domestic provocation operation drafted in 1962. Dubbed Operation Northwoods — The CIA and Joint Chiefs of Staff drafted plans for agency assets to commit airplane hijackings; sinking of Cuban refugee boats; attacks against US military personnel at Guantanamo Bay; and a terror campaign of bombings in US cities. Evidence was to be falsified to blame the attacks on Fidel Castro to justify a military invasion of Cuba, but President John F Kennedy rejected the plan — firing CIA director John McCone, and all the Joint Chiefs of Staff as a result.

Even into current times these operations permeate foreign policy decisions. Such as the OPCW whistleblower scandal which revealed falsified reports of the supposed 2017 chemical attack in Duma, Syria. The US and its allies used the bogus claim that the attack was committed by the Assad regime, rather than the more likely culprit of the “moderate rebels” that the US continues to support, as the pretext to expand their illegal presence in the country, leading to the escalated tensions with Russian forces in the Middle East mentioned earlier.

However false flag operations aren’t just a staple of foreign policy etiquette, they’ve found their way into shaping how the American police state conducts itself domestically as well.

From the admitted use of agent provocateurs during the FBI’s notorious COINTELPRO operation, to the much more recent account of the alleged plot to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer by right-wing extremists — later revealed to be primarily engineered by the FBI.

Our own “secret police” seem to have learned a thing or two from the history of their covert counterparts.

As journalist Glenn Greenwald notes in a brilliant piece documenting the history of the FBI’s willingness to mastermind terror plots —

“For anyone covering the FBI during the first War on Terror, none of this is new. So many of the supposed “terror plots” the FBI purported to disrupt over the last twenty years were — just like the Michigan plot — ones that were created and driven by, and would not have happened without, the FBI’s own planning, funding and direction.”

It should be very plain to see at this point that false flag operations are not, nor have ever been, mere “conspiracy theories”. They have played an integral role of shaping not only our nation, but the history of the world at large.

We’re reminded of the famous quote by French General Napoleon Bonaparte —

“What is history, but a fable agreed upon?”

One can hope that with this newly admitted revelation many Americans, and citizens of the world over, will begin to stop and question the motives of their governments, and ask themselves how much of the history they believe to be true is really just a carefully crafted web of lies to manufacture their consent for the agendas of the ruling class.

We can hope, but considering the degree with which this is already been brushed under the rug, we aren’t holding our breath.