Alex Jones to Sue FBI and CIA After Undercover Video Reveals Feds Targeted Him


By Jim Hoft via The Gateway Pundit

Media personality Alex Jones declared his intention to file lawsuits against the FBI and CIA during an appearance on the Benny Johnson show.

This announcement followed the release of an undercover video by Sound Investigations, which featured a CIA officer purportedly admitting to federal agencies targeting conservatives, including Jones.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported on the footage in which Gavin O’Blennis, a Contracting Officer for the CIA, was caught on hidden camera by an undercover journalist claiming that the FBI could imprison anyone by setting them up, a method he referred to as a “nudge.”

O’Blennis singled out right-wing journalists, specifically Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones, as being problematic and suggested that the FBI “took [Jones’] money away” and “chopped his legs off” as a means of crippling his operations.

O’Blennis also disclosed the presence of undercover FBI agents during the events at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, suggesting a widespread federal involvement in key national events. He mentioned the use of “embellished news” and “fake social media” as tools to incite public anger and manipulate public perception.


During his interview with Benny Johnson, Alex Jones expressed his conviction that the now-public statements by O’Blennis necessitate immediate action.

“I am planning to launch a lawsuit against the CIA and the FBI,” Jones said. He contextualized the timing of the undercover video’s release as a divine intervention, coinciding with the closure of his bankruptcy proceedings and other legal matters.

The Infowars founder said that his portrayal by the media and the government was a misrepresentation aimed at demonizing him. He indicated that his planned lawsuit would not only be a personal vindication but an effort to expose the overreach of “rogue agencies” operating like a “domestic KGB.”

In discussing potential legal strategies, Jones mentioned consulting with multiple law firms, highlighting First Amendment violations as a central issue, and stressed the importance of bringing evidence to light through the discovery process in court.

He also made a public appeal to Elon Musk, whom he noted had supported various freedom-related lawsuits, to assist in bringing the truth to light.