5G Wireless to Turn Real People Into Holograms


Artificial Intelligence Powered 3D Holographic Technology is Right Around the Corner

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

As seen in Star Wars, holographic technology is here. Verizon 5G cellular Internet will pave way to make advanced 3D holographic technology more accessible to the public according to, USA Today. 3D holograms will allow you to attend meetings in digital form, leave holographic messages – much like voice mail or even create a whole detailed human-like artificial intelligent digital version of yourself.

Although some of the more advanced technology is not readily available to the public, very likely down the road AI holograms will be as common in homes as smart devices Google home and Alexa. Tech companies like Microsoft have already created holoportation devices to beam loved ones into your home.

This is all fascinating, exciting even cool. But what about the potential dangers holograms with artificial intelligence may provide to privacy and our personal lives? Will a learning AI hologram lie? Will it get jealous of your current boyfriend or girlfriend? Will a jealous partner ask AI hologram private information about you in home habits, who you have spend the night and what you may say about them when they are not around? These are all legitimate privacy concerns we explore in this Rundown Live segment.

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