5G Just Got Here, But Where Is 6G?


In 2019, after years of waiting, 5G wireless networks and devices finally became a reality. So, when are we getting 6G? C’mon, we’re bored already.

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To state the obvious, 6G doesn’t exist yet—but that doesn’t mean people aren’t already thinking about how to make it a reality. 6G, short for the sixth generation of wireless technology, promises to be incredible.

The numbers that get thrown around when industry leaders theorize about what it could do are mind boggling. Numbers like download speeds up to a terabyte per second, and latency as low as 0.1 millisecond.

And when the day finally comes and all the ads for phones and carriers have a giant 6 emblazoned across them, just remember how 5G was an incremental change at first and be ready for the next generation to follow the same pattern.

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Here’s the 5G glossary every American is apparently going to need
“T-Mobile on Thursday introduced the market’s newest 5G moniker: “Ultra Capacity.” The label will stew alongside “5G Ultra Wideband,” “Extended Range 5G,” “5G+,” “5Ge,” “5GTF,” “5G Nationwide” and plain-old “5G” in the US wireless industry, ensuring that if American mobile customers aren’t confused yet, it’s only a matter of time before they’re hopelessly bewildered by operators’ thesaurus-toting marketing executives.”

The Great 5G Conspiracy
“A wildly disorienting pandemic coming at the same time as the global rollout of 5G—the newest technology standard for wireless networks—has only made matters worse.”

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