20 Things to Immediately Stock Up on During the Everything Shortage


Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

Milwaukee, Wi -This year’s shortages can be blamed on just about everything but Covid-19. The wave of what the Atlantic recently called an “everything shortage” is a result of a collaboration of poor governor decisions to shut down state economies, worker shortages and manufactured job loss as a result of medical mandates that have economic repercussions. With the pandemic that had no end in sight we need to be prepared for the economic inflation and shortages.

We want you to be ahead of the curve. Here are the Rundown Live’s recommended Top 20 items you should buy and store during the upcoming everything shortage.



20. Your Holiday/Birthday Shopping



Don’t wait until Black Friday to do your Christmas shopping. For most of the United States we’re all Christians for Christmas as we are Irish on St. Paddy’s day regardless of our difference in theology. This Black Friday look for less door busters as retailers will expect you to be happy they even have stock, with scarcity and inflation deals will be rare. Be happy if you can get your hands on a new items such as PS5, PC gaming card, Xbox or electronic delicacies. It maybe the renaissance of role playing games, board games and vintage systems such as the Atari VCS.



19. Freezers


Storing non-canned food for the long term may require additional storage space. Keeping additional frozen goods can give you the luxury of eating lean meats and foods without you having to settle for what is left in the baron grocery store shelves. You can currently purchase a 7 cubit foot freezer for under $200 from Walmart.



18. Stock Up on Meats


Steak, bacon, chicken and common meats have skyrocketed with inflation and meat shortages maybe already here according to CBS.  Your local grocery store maybe out of prime meats but your local butcher shop maybe the best route to go with upcoming shortages. Don’t forget that these shortages were mostly manufactured through your governors poor decision to shut down local economies along with vaccine mandates being enforced by the Biden administration are causing worker shortages and a pinch in the supply chain.


19. Urban, Rural and Medical Survival Guide


What would you do if the economy completely collapsed? At first it may seem barrable but 4-6 weeks in electricity, running water, cell phone, internet services may all cease to exist.  Purchase a survival guide tailored towards your environment. They make survival guides for big cities and out in the rural country. If you cant afford one, print one out and make a home binder for the cost of paper and toner cartridges. Also find a quality medical survival guide for natural and makeshift home remedies.



18. Propane & Wood


The price of propane is set to skyrocket and globalists are manufacturing a pinch as government leaders across the world followed the poor judgement of the WHO and now we can expect high propane prices thanks to economic shutdown . Purchasing small propane tanks for portable grills that are mobile is a great idea. You can get 4 pack of 16oz. propane tanks from Amazon for under $50. Wood can take up to 12 months to dry out. It maybe best to look for your trusty neighbor selling his excess wood but don’t expect to get by cheap. Just like Christmas presents this year, be happy if you can find it as the lumber shortage and inflation is still happening.


17. Charcoal, Lighter Fluid, Coleman Fuel, Lamps


You can never have enough charcoal, lighter fluid or Coleman fuel. Oil lamps can make for an energy efficient alternative when power outages occur. These are some of the first things to disappear from the shelves during an emergency.


16. Plywood, Plastic Sheeting, Hammer & Nails


It could be a natural disaster, mob riots, or another manufactured event, if you don’t prepare you can expect a lot of broken windows and doors.  Many people are unsure of how to board up their property for emergency preparedness, there is a good guide here. Make sure you stock up on nails, screws and other items that maybe difficult to acquire during an economic crisis.


15. Honey, Sugar, Flour and Yeast


Some experts claim you can survive on honey and water alone, but having sugar and yeast offers many huge advantages. During the holidays and potential alcohol shortages why not make your own brews. People during disasters need to unwind too and a social drink maybe just what you need to barter with your neighbor for toilet paper or batteries. Also, consider bee keeping as honey stores almost forever and can be traded and used for may things.


14. Crank Radios


In the chance that the world is in chaos you may want a crank radio to listen to music or relax. From solar-powered to the reliable hand crank you have options. This item is something you can keep and use even if the pandemic does not escalate into economic crisis and it does not require batteries. 


13. Soap, Toothpaste/Brushes, Laundry Detergent, Sanitizers


Let’s face it, we’ve become comfortable with cleanliness. The thought for many people of going days, weeks or months without brushing your teeth terrifies the living life out of you. You can almost never have enough soap, toothpaste, laundry detergent and sanitizers, especially during a pandemic. Stock up and learn how to make your own soap or home made toothpaste. These items will be in demand during an economic crisis and will be great barter items. Why not practice now, you’ll save money at the grocery store.


12. Books, Comic Books, Board Games, Role Playing Games, Cards, Dice 


Whether it’s Dungeons & Dragons, Monopoly or a deck of cards, limiting power if you have to run on a generator with electricity outages or shortages will become a factor. Besides you need to keep the kids busy while you deal with the everything shortage, inflation and what better way to spend family time or entertain guests! Books will also provide quality entertainment and education if needed during an economic crisis.


11. Get Home Bag in your Car


If you haven’t made one yet start collecting for creation of a “get home bag” as these items are becoming more scarce. A get home bag is exactly what it sounds like, you run out of gas during a riot or your car breaks down in the middle of no where searching for supplies. A quality backpack stored with a first aid kit, quality flashlight, multitool, knife, poncho, water bottles, extra medication, lighter, duct tape, bandana, portable bolt cutter or facemask/gas mask, goggles, compass, rope, water purification tablets, lifestraw, magic markers, map and food is always a great idea. I know it sounds like a lot but it all fits!


10. Gold, Silver, Cryptocurrency


Although Gold and Silver have not skyrocketed like Bitcoin, during a pandemic their value is recognized and historically have done quite well during extreme situations in history. Buy 90% silver recognized coins, mercury dimes, liberty halves and so on. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies seem to be the future and the Federal Reserve is planning to turn the world onto their own diabolical Central Banking Digital Currency. If you’ve thought about investing in crypto, now is as good of a time as any. I recommend the free service Coinbase and only invest what you can spare. But at the bare minimum I recommend $100 and you’ll get $10 free from Coinbase with this link, its as simple as day trading and is insured!


09. Alchohol, Condoms, Cigars and Cigarettes


During shortages and depressing times people like to get their mind off of things. Alcohol shortages loom even in Milwaukee, Miller bottles have been hard to come by for local taverns. Storing quality rail vodka’s, whiskey’s and tequila’s will make for a great barter item. If you drink, buy brands you enjoy who wants to be stuck with a bunch of Gordon’s vodka if the pandemic lets up! If you smoke cigarettes, buy additional carton or better yet, roll your own! You can buy quality tobacco, store it and roll it t will for barter or consumption. Obviously a good cigar will be hard to come by if shortages continue so purchasing a humidor and stocking up on these fine delicacies are not a terrible idea.


08. Portable Showers and Toilets


No one likes this idea until you cant buy a bucket to poop in. Now is a good time to buy a portable outdoor shower and toilet. In an economic crisis city water may become scarce or cease to exist. Don’t be the person who doesnt have a bucket to S**t in. You can always create a compost toilet or shower to keep clean during a pandemic. You could even barter use of your facilities if needed. There is a reason they call it the SHTFP.


07. Toilet Paper, Kleenex, Paper Towels 


If the Wuhan Lab leak has taught us anything, its that toilet paper can be hard to come by during a pandemic. Imagine scavenging for soft items just to blow your nose or wipe your rear-end, not to mention if your water is off where you’re going to release this great pressure! You can never have enough toilet paper and it always has a good bartering value during these situation. Stock up on Toilet paper, I recommend 6 months worth.


06. Batteries


Batteries can be used to charge vital devices, diabetes monitors, cellphones, laptops, flashlights, hearing aids, radios and more. Also, solar powered batteries are sluggish to charge, but they work great in survival mode and can charge your cellphone/satellite phone and even laptops.


05. Emergency Face Mask


We all all know during the pandemic N95 facemasks are a reasonable security to help limit contamination. With hospitals short staffed and releasing unvaccinated employees you are going to see packed hospitals and potential for additional outbreaks. Military surplus stores have a great selection of gas masks. If you get stuck in a protest or buildings are burning you may need a gas mask just to adventure our of your home.


04. Mason Jars, Buckets and Quality Storage Containers


These items are quick to leave the shelves during any type of pandemic, natural disaster or collapse. Mason jars can store pickled goods, jams, water, honey, alcohol and other necessities keeping them fresh. Buckets can be used as shopping carts to put items in. you can seal a bucket of pasta or make alcohol in a 2 gallon bucket for barter, store honey, bulk foods and many other goods.


03. Water Filters and/or Purifiers


The body needs lots of water to carry out most essential functions, such as balancing the internal temperature and keeping cells alive. A person can survive without water for about 3 days. That does not mean being functional and not cramping and motivated. It means just to survive. Alexa Pro Water Filtration is the best we’ve found and it’s gravity fed.


02. Long Term Storable Foods


I cant stress the importance of learning to plant a garden, farm and store goods at home. The other option is to buy long term storable foods. Nobody does it better than My Patriot Supply. Food that stays good for 25 plus years and offers 2,000 calories a day with a lot of varieties. Learning to can goods or stocking canned goods is a great skill to have. Keep in mind you may have a fur baby or three that rely on you so researching long term animal food storage maybe on your radar as well.


01. Guns, Ammunition, Pepper Spray, Knives, Crowbars, Axes, Bats, Pellet Guns


During an all out dystopic pandemic or economic collapse there is a popular saying among preppers, “If you’re not buying ammo and guns, you’re just prepping for whoever is.” Now guns are not for everyone. The world, although chaotic is not quite there yet, but its a good idea to research self defense. Clubs, tasers, quality pepper spray and crow bars are great alternatives. Looters are often underage and the thought of harming a child with a gun would destroy me, when pepper spray, a pellet/BB gun, a paint ball gun or club would be enough to scare of some pesky kid/s looking for an easy quick score. If you’re looking to buy a gun, remember if you’re not willing to put in the time learning it, using it, training with it and learning safety precautions, go with what you are comfortable first. There is not real substitution for a gun however its always a great backup. A crow bar although not as as threatening as a gun, is a great tool that can help open doors and get into buildings or out of sticky situations. Knives are great for carving and creating makeshift cooking cans and surgical needs.


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