Yes, Ghislaine Maxwell Trial is Open to the Public and Press

  • No electronics whatsoever is allowed within the courtroom or overflow
  • Only pen and paper allowed for taking notes
  • No recording devices will be allowed within the courtroom

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

Milwaukee, Wi (TRL) Misinformation has been swarming around social media that the press and public has a “gag” order and will not be allowed to attend the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. The tweet by MMA fighter and History Channel show star Tim Kennedy was shared over 10k times.

Kristan T. Harris of the Rundown Live verified this as misinformation and it has proven to be false based on an email between Harris and the New York City courthouse today. Press and public will be allowed inside of the courtroom with proper social distancing, as well as there will be overflow rooms as stated in the original court document. (as seen below)

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