WED LIVE: The Rundown Live #812 – Joe Rogan, Canada Revolt, Students Apologize for Being White


Canadian authorities in many provinces are caving to the Trucker protest as farmers join in on rebellion against mandates:

Majority of Canadians Now Want COVID Rules to End After Trucker Revolt

BREAKING: The Quebec government has dropped the idea of taxing unvaccinated people.
Joe Rogan under fire, Why can he say it and not Alex Jones?

Teacher Makes Students Apologize to Minorities for Being White

Leftist Takes to Twitter to Rationalize Pedophilia

CIA found covering for Child Abuse in Pedo Cases
Toddler Refused Heart Surgery in Three Separate Countries Over PARENTS Being Unjabbed

Farmers break through police barricades near Coutts, Canada to support and bolster the trucker blockade at the USCanadian border

COVID Testing Company Faked Results, Lied To Patients And Improperly Stored Samples: Lawsuit

Banned: Books on race and sexuality are disappearing from Texas schools in record numbers