We Have The Power To Change The World


For months now farmers across Europe have been rising up in a mass revolt against draconian EU policies and restrictions which threaten to destroy their livelihoods. The policies are among a slew of new regulations implemented by pseudo-environmentalist globalists using climate crisis hysteria as a means of imposing an authoritarian agenda under the cover of Net Zero carbon emission reductions, exacerbating economic turmoil in the agriculture sector including higher costs, increasing debt, and cheap foreign imports flooding the market. All of which are also chiefly among the concerns of the protesting farmers.

As elaborated in the report below, the farmers revolt has continued to grow in size and amass support from much of the European population against the overreaching bureaucratic policies which ultimately aim to shut them down and replace them with corporate conglomerates in line with Agenda 2030.

As the rural rebellion continues to intensify the precedent being set is one that everyone should take notice of — because the farmers are winning!

As reported by the Financial Times, in the wake of the uprising EU policymakers have begun backing down and rescinding proposals to cut agricultural emissions. While elsewhere making concessions on other demands and in some cases such as in Spain providing compensation to the discontent farmers.

This should be seen as a victory for the people. Even though there is certainly still a long road ahead to overcome the various machinations of predatory globalists, the working class average Joe is scoring a remarkable win over the agendas of ruling class “elites”.

And it is one that people would do well to take note of. 

It serves as a pertinent reminder that the power to affect change rests firmly in our hands; That our actions, or inactions, serve to determine what the world becomes.

A much more preeminent example of this phenomenon occurred only just a few years ago. As many of us reminisce on the notoriously sordid state of affairs that was the COVID-19(84) scamdemic, unquestionably one of the darkest periods in recent human history accentuated by a coordinated global campaign of psychological terrorism and fear mongering of an overall benign illness used to precipitate unparalleled acts of tyranny, we would be remiss not to recall that it was the defiance of the masses and the courage of everyday people refusing to submit and rising up against that authoritarianism which brought it to an end.

Despite the imposition of draconian (and completely useless) mandates and repressive heavy-handed enforcement measures, millions of average citizens the world over organized and rebelled against the COVID regime. Marching and protesting en masse for months on end. Ultimately forcing the architects of the “New Normal” to acquiesce and relent.

Again, while we are still far from where we should be, the world is undoubtedly a better place because people realized that they have the power and used it to force a change.

Even now, before the mainstream media uncharacteristically finally began reporting Israel’s atrocities, as the Zionist colony capitalized upon the attacks of October 7th as a pretext to begin waging a genocide, millions of people around the world sick and tired of Israel’s barbarous behavior took to the streets to demand justice for Palestine. Forcing international attention upon the ethnic cleansing of Gaza. As a result Israel has completely lost control of the narrative they’ve attempted to establish.

Whether or not they will actually face consequences for their actions is yet to be seen, but the global outpouring of support for Palestine has without question paved the way for that possibility. 

We should be exercising this power everyday.

We can take a look around the world, or even just in our own countries, or cities, and see so much wrong with it, so many artificial problems manufactured by the machinations of mad men; war, poverty, ecocide, etc.

Things don’t have to be this way. And we can absolutely do something about it.

All it takes is for people to wake up and realize that we can use our power in numbers to force a real change in the world to make it a better place. Of course for a real lasting positive change it would require a significant number of us to also awaken from false paradigms, discarding divisive Us vs Them mindsets and realize that we’re all humans who relatively want the same thing: to be happy, healthy, and prosperous — In a sense, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

We can look at any number of pressing issues fresh in the minds of the people as an example of what this may look like. For instance take the economy, with soaring national debt, rising inflation, and continued devaluation of the US dollar much of the working class are feeling the pains of being pushed closer to poverty. But it isn’t some overcomplicated reason why this is happening as we have been led to believe by government employees or pseudo-economists who spend their time making false arguments about capitalism versus socialism or demanding that we raise the minimum wage. The problem really just comes down to the Federal Reserve, and the fact that fractional reserve banking which creates a debt based fiat currency is and always has been a scam on behalf of the banking cartel to enrich the ruling class.

That, combined with a robber baron model of monetary policy that the Fed inherently relies on by which big corporations become intertwined with the federal government, creating a parasitic corrupt relationship which strangles the free market facilitating the rise of monopolization and incentivizing government regulators to prioritize the most profitable monopolies creates the very system encumbering most of us today.

Imagine for a moment if we put in the same collective effort as the European farmers or the lockdown protesters into demanding a nonexploitative economic system that actually benefits the average person? I’m not necessarily referring to any one specific economic model in particular as it would be next near impossible to get everyone to agree on such a thing (nor should they in a society that respects individual choice and voluntary interaction) but simply to halt the abusive practices that are the current status quo only serving to benefit the rich and powerful.

It wouldn’t take much.

An organized strike of the working class with mass walk outs, forcing the central banks into default with a consolidated effort to pull all of our money out of the banks, and several organized large-scale sit-ins of strategic locations such as Washington DC, wall street, the Federal Reserve, and so on and we could effectively bring everything to a halt overnight.

The same could be done with a mass revitalization of the anti war movement working to blockade weapons manufacturers and impede war making institutions demanding a prioritization of diplomacy and peace and an end to imperialism. The possibilities of creating a better world are endless. 

That doesn’t mean that change would be immediate or perfect. But it would be a clear message that the people have the power and that it’s time our so called representatives actually work to serve us again, as they were intended to.

Of course such organized efforts would also require a higher level of due diligence, discernment, situational awareness and self control. We can’t ignore the fact that previously attempted efforts at organized civil disobedience have been infiltrated, co-opted, and sabotaged by the very elements they intended to oppose. With such examples as Occupy Wall Street, the civil rights movement, environmental protectors, and even constitutionalist “patriot” groups unraveled by subversive elements and agent provocateurs serving the establishment.

The state exists as a monopoly on violence. The only tool they have is a hammer as such every problem must be a nail. There are covert elements which work very hard to turn peaceful demonstrations into violent ones in order to delegitimize and subdue them or to create a controlled opposition. Therefore we must work equally as hard to undermine those subversive elements.

But it is doable. We CAN change the world.

If anything we can look towards the people’s reset movement, The Greater Reset: an ever growing interconnected network of individuals, activists, and solutionaries currently working to create liberty based alternatives to the WEF’s Great Reset agenda, as a pristine example of organized efforts by average people to build parallel systems of peace and prosperity.

The ability to create a better future is at our fingertips. All we have to do is reach out, grab it, and don’t let go.