WATCH: IRS Agent Admits Agency “Has No Problem Destroying Peoples Lives” — Their History Of Corruption Proves It


• A recent investigation has put the nefarious behavior of the IRS on full display for all to see.

The latest undercover sting video by guerilla journalist James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas and current head of the O’Keefe Media Group, has provided some bombshell insights into the standard operating procedure of the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

In the video, an unnamed undercover reporter chats with Alex Mena, an agent with the IRS Criminal Investigation Unit. During their discussion, which Mena is unaware is being filmed, he proceeds to make several startling revelations about his colleagues in the IRS and the way in which the agency treats people. 

Among the admissions made by Mena is an unsurprising yet still unsettling acknowledgement, that the IRS “has no problem destroying people’s lives.”

According to Mena, throughout their tenure at the IRS most of his colleagues have lost their empathy. Saying that now they’re “more like robots” and “the definition of an asshole” for their ruthlessness and willingness to target “the small people”.

He is quoted as saying —

“Like those agents have been there for like 15 and 20 years. They said that we were all nice when we started now look at us. They are assholes, they are the definition of an asshole. All of them …. Like, they have no problem going after the small people, you know putting people in prison. Like destroying people’s lives. They have no problem doing that.”

When asked by the undercover reporter if the agents have any empathy towards it he replied in the negative stating, “Not no empathy, they are like robots, all of them.”

Mena goes on to admit several more nefarious practices by the agency including that the agency doesn’t actually need evidence in order to initiate an audit. Effectively stating that the agency “can audit whoever they want”, as well as revealing the way in which artificial intelligence is utilized to spy on the financial data of every American in the country.

He elaborates that they (the IRS) “has all the information of all the companies in the whole world, not just the United States”. Presumably referring to American companies and people that still fall under the jurisdiction of U.S. tax code abroad. He describes how the AI systems, through what is effectively illegal warrantless surveillance, analyze through all of the financial data looking for indications of fraud. A process which Mena describes as “invasive” and “probably not constitutional”. What’s more, he admits that even though the AI system is still under human control for now, the IRS itself doesn’t actually control it, but rather it falls under the control of the Department of Justice and the Inspector General. 

In a further demonstration of the excessive overreach of the federal government Mena also goes on to admit that because the IRS is a federal agency just under Congress and the President “the states really don’t have any say in what we do.”

These revelations come at a time when more Americans than ever are discontent with the state of the economy, including excessive taxation making financial burdens that much more difficult as the value of the US dollar continues to deteriorate.

Though it is worth remembering that this kind of criminal behavior on behalf of the IRS isn’t anything new. Stretching back to the 1930s, the IRS has consistently been utilized as a political weapon to harass the enemies of those in power and unfairly target American citizens. During the administration of President Franklin Roosevelt, FDR would utilize the agency as a means of subverting his political opponents, including Louisiana Governor Huey Long among others.

Amid the FBI’s infamous COINTELPRO operation initiated under the Presidency of Dwight Eisenhower to spy on and disrupt civil rights organizations as well as other so-called radical leftist groups, the agency would routinely coordinate with the IRS to obtain the tax and financial information of their targets. The agency was used to target the NAACP and even to initiate an audit against Martin Luther King Jr as a part of the FBI’s targeted harassment.

Throughout the presidency of John F Kennedy, JFK would conspire with his brother and Attorney General Bobby Kennedy to weaponize the IRS in a secret program known as the Ideological Organizations Audit Project which would target both right wing and left wing opposition groups.

In the Watergate era it was revealed through congressional investigation and via testimony of administration officials that President Richard Nixon had utilized the IRS as a means of benefiting his political friends while also targeting his political opponents on the president’s infamous “enemies list”, as well as activists and political dissidents via a specially created unit of the IRS known as the Special Services Staff. 

Notably, during the Obama years a scandal rocked the IRS once again as they were implicated for improperly targeting conservative groups, while continued investigation into the scandal also found that the IRS’s reckless mismanagement also adversely targeted liberal and progressive political groups.

Weaponization of the agency, it appears, may still remain common practice.  A 2022 report indicated that the IRS opened a suspiciously timed investigation into independent journalist Matt Taibbi shortly after his publication of the Twitter files, which showed coordination between the federal government and the social media company to censor the speech of American citizens. 

Meanwhile the IRS continues its relentless pillaging of working class Americans. In 2022 data released by Syracuse University’s Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) showed that amid huge increases in funding and 87,000 new hires that the IRS consistently audited low income Americans, with little focus on the wealthy.

All the while the ruling class play the game exactly as it was designed, as an end run around the free market, using loopholes and political lobbying to rig the system in their favor by siphoning wealth from the poorest of Americans.

The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. And the most awful irony of all? It’s our tax dollars that pay for the scam.