Two Years In Ukraine And What Has It Gotten Us?


It should come as no surprise that the continued proliferation of destabilization has only further sown the seeds of discontent.

On February 24th we surpassed the two-year mark since the beginning of the US/NATO proxy war in Ukraine. Over 730 days of non-stop fighting on the backdrop of what had already been an eight-year ethno-civil war in the Donbas region as Eastern Ukrainians demanded their independence and the government in Kiev rejected and repressed their right to do so.

For over two years the west, headed by the US Empire, has deliberately prolonged this protracted quagmire with the intention of destabilizing one of its primary geopolitical adversaries, Russia, to the detriment of both Ukrainians, Americans, and the world.

So what has it gotten us?

Over the past two years of constant conflict the US has spent an astronomical sum of US taxpayer dollars to keep the bombs dropping and the blood flowing. 

While the exact amount of dollars is difficult to ascertain, with most reports simply stating “over $75 billion so far” (one may wonder if such an obfuscation is deliberate?), it has been calculated that as of fiscal year 2022 the US allocated a grand total sum of 113 billion dollars in aid to Ukraine, according to The Committee For A Responsible Budget. 

A price tag that is much to the chagrin of U.S. citizens who constantly see their hard earned dollars be used for everything other than taking care of Americans.

Whereas the human cost is concerned, according to The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) there has been a verified total of over 30,457 civilian casualties in the conflict, with an estimated 10,582 dead among them. In addition to those casualty rates it has also recently been disclosed for the first time that approximately 31,000 Ukrainian troops have died since the start of the war.

And precisely what has been gained for this profound loss of life and increase of debt? Have the spunky Ukrainians pushed back the Russian bear defying all odds in a miraculously triumphant David versus Goliath moment? No. Far from it. In reality their counter offensive has failed, their battle lines continue to be shattered, losing even more territory. Manpower and ammunition are abysmally low and morale even lower. Just last week Russian forces took the city of Avdiivka, a significant strategic victory which resulted in the chaotic retreat of Ukrainian forces from the region resulting in hundreds of troops potentially captured.

Ukraine is continuing to lose the fight. Just as it has been since the start of the war, despite the optimistic opining’s of U.S. officials and their stenographers in the mainstream media.

And let us not forget it didn’t have to be this way. Absolutely nothing about this conflict needed to turn out this way if not for the constant interventions and provocations by the US with the backing of its NATO allies in the western bloc hell bent on aggressive eastward expansion.

Lest we forget that the CIA has been backing fascists in Ukraine for 75 years. Not to mention just days ago the New York Times released a bombshell report confirming that the CIA has been secretly waging war against Russia from within Ukraine for a decade.

Let us not forget that even western officials implicitly warned for years that if the US and NATO continued its aggressive eastward expansion it would inevitably lead to a war. 

Keep in mind that the US is directly responsible for facilitating the circumstances that ultimately led to this war via the 2014 US-backed coup which overthrew Ukraine’s democratically elected government. Turning Ukraine into nothing more than a US client state with a puppet regime openly supportive of neo-Nazi extremists.

All the while the US and its allies have repeatedly sabotaged attempts to negotiate peace between Russia and Ukraine, even earlier this month rejecting Putin’s latest call for negotiations. Deliberately prolonging the war and pushing the world ever closer to the brink of cataclysm.

The empire and its ravenous military industrial complex seem resolute in its determination to sacrifice Ukraine upon the altar of unipolar hegemony. It is a sacrifice in vain. 

In the mean time modern day robber barons like BlackRock, JP Morgan, and others are waiting in the wings, circling overhead like vultures ready to descend on Ukraine and implement their particular brand of disaster capitalism, pillaging it of its remaining resources the same way that corporatist war profiteers have done to Iraq and so many other nations.

So after two years what has continuing to support the war in Ukraine gotten us? Absolutely nothing. Except more debt, more destruction, and more death.