The Rundown Live W/ Kristan T. Harris on KGRA – Mark Anderson, Bilderberg, Global Cities Movement

Roving Congressional and Bilderberg reporter and editor Mark Anderson has returned to Republic Broadcasting. Mark formerly was a regular RBN host from 2008 through 2012, usually under the name “When Worlds Collide.”

He is known for his firsthand coverage of the subversive, influential think tanks and institutions that form “The Bilderberg Network.” He is also the only alternative news reporter who maintains official credentials to periodically cover the U.S. Congress in person.
Also known as “The Truth Hound,” Mark founded a news association that also goes by the name of “STOP THE PRESSES!”.

Over the years, Mark has traveled extensively in the U.S. and abroad while pioneering in-depth research on the Global Cities movement and on key aspects of monetary reform that typically are overlooked by other alternative media. His little-known role in JFK research and the conclusions considered may surprise you.

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