The Rundown Live Returns, to Be Carried Mornings on KGRA and Where to Listen



You’ve had to be living under a rock if you live in Wisconsin and have not heard of Milwaukee’s number one independent news and talk radio program, The Rundown Live. The broadcast is returning to radio starting November, 30th. KGRA will air The Rundown Live weekday mornings at 9AM Pacific, 12PM Eastern.

For years, thousands of listeners would tune in on week day evenings to listen to “BigPzone” Mike Paczesny and Kristan T. Harris. “Two local activists from opposite political ideologies who would interview local activists, journalists and reporters from a rainbow of political spectrum.

“We started out as a political talk show with the goal to bring people of opposite spectrums together,” says Harris, who joined the broadcast in its infancy. The activist turned talk radio host recently was sourced by majority of mainstream media including Fox, CNN, Infowars and Snopes while covering the Kenosha Protest in August. He’s also been sourced by a consensus study as one of most censored journalists in America.

About three years ago The Rundown Live took a break due to internet censorship. “We totally saw this coming. We got a call during one of our broadcasts that a professor was creating a list of news sources they deemed not credible to use as a source for college papers. College kids where using our articles and research to support arguments often not popular around the scientific consensus,” claims Harris.

“Monsanto GMO’s, fluoride and police state activities where common subjects and you were fact challenged if you disputed them. Now you cant turn on a commercial without seeing a Monsanto settlement commercial for Round-Up and Harvard studies are showing how long term fluoride use lowers your IQ by 15 points.”

Some how the Rundown Live has lasted the test of time and has not been banned on any platforms although offering a free speech platform that has often given stage to controversial guests. Top hackers, actors, movie stars and political activists of all political beliefs tend to join the broadcast. “One day we’d have a historical figure like Barry Goldwater Jr. on our program and the next have one of the guys on from Ancient Aliens to discuss their beliefs. We just want to find out what makes people tick and where do we connect and see if we can  find common ground to raise consciousness.”

One commenter on the Rundown live described the broadcast as “Wayne’s World with a twist of Coast to Coast AM madness” and it stuck. “Waynes World takes place in Wisconsin, so it was fitting. At the time we where to guys competed and oftend destroying MSM traffic numbers from our basement. It was like something straight out of Weird Al’s UHF. We are part entertainment, part education, part unification and always working on improving each others life. So if you want to listen to radio that feeds your brain tune in,” Harris added.

How to listen if you don’t live in Utah? You can download the stations handy-dandy app on ANDROID or IOS (APPLE). The station has an incredibly active CHAT ROOM or you can listen to the STATION LINK here on any device!

You can WATCH the show live on Youtube.