The Rundown Live #874 – Battle 4 Assange, Arctic Wolf Cloned, Tesla Robot, Guest Misty Winston


On today’s programming Misty Winston will be joining us the second hour to discuss “HANDS OFF ASSANGE” protest in DC coming up. She’s the lead organizer of the upcoming Hands Off Assange rally taking place on Saturday, October 8th, in Washington DC.

Headlines: Elon Musk Unveils Prototype of Tesla’s Humanoid Robot, World’s first cloned Arctic wolf is now 100 days old, Rat feeding study suggests the Impossible Burger may not be safe to eat, Election workers train for battle against conspiracy theories, Tech Tool Offers Police ‘Mass Surveillance on a Budget,’ Stalin called the Farmers “the enemies of the people”. By expropriating them, the state took control of food production, 2020 election conspiracists could soon oversee voting in U.S. battleground states.

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