The Rundown Live #833 – Dr. David King, Orlando Owens, World Currency Announced, Bucha


Today Spring General Elections take place in Wisconisn, Dr. David King who is running for Lt. Governor and Orlando Owens who is running for State Treasury join us. We will also be talking about the World Government Council and the One World Currency being announced.

Other Topics include:

Biden issues executive order to explore cryptocurrency-like digital dollar

Butchery In Bucha What Actually Happened In The Latest Atrocity Of The Ukraine-Russia War?

20 Facts About The Emerging Global Food Shortage That Should Chill You To The Core

Elon Muck buys 9% of Twitter: Toys with Twitter hours after becoming its largest stakeholder

Over a third of Americans plan to spend their tax refund right away, mostly to pay bills

Amazon, Alphabet and Others Are Quietly Rolling Out Drone Delivery Across America

Judge upholds Ghislaine’s trafficking conviction