The Rundown Live #826 – A.I. Reaches Consciousness, Digital Immortality, Cyborg Body Parts, Mice Reverse Age


We return from our coverage of the People’s Convoy in DC to bring you updates on news including all the things they want you to forget about due to the Ukraine story saturating the world. We will be coving the following headlines.

United States Government Spent 1 Billion Dollars on Media Propagandizing/Censoring Covid-19 Treatments for Big Pharma

Digital Immortality and your Digital Twin

Artificial Intelligence May Have Already Reached Consciousness

Liquid Hard Drives Are Here

Cyborg Body Parts are the Future of Healthcare?

Meet the Cyborgs and Biohackers Redefining Beauty

Google Developing Wearables that Respond to Skin Gestures

Mice Reverses Signs of Aging, Scientists Say

Lab-Grown Pancreas Reverse Diabetes In Mice

Inside the High-Tech Swinger parties and S&M dungeons of Silicon Valley

Ghislaine Maxwell juror explains why he failed to reveal past sex abuse: He was thinking about my ex

Pfizer Jab Implication list Released