The Rundown Live #803 – Mass Psychosis, Joe Rogan, SB336, Occult World



On today’s broadcast of the Rundown Live with Kristan T. Harris and Don Via Jr we cover symptoms of Mass Psychosis, Joe Rogan, Censorship, Wisconsin Bill SB336 including these headlines:

– Psychologist Who “Debunked” Mass Formation Psychosis Advocated For Brainwashing The Public To Follow Covid Guidelines.

– Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly Drank Each Other’s Blood & Are Now Engaged

– Special Forces Will Simulate An Insurgency On U.S. Soil In Upcoming Unconventional Warfare Exercise

– Quebec tax on unvaccinated

– Surveillance will follow us into ‘the metaverse,’ and our bodies could be its new data source

– US Court Rules Child Sex Assault Case Can Proceed Against UK’s Prince Andrew

– Nazi archive of Freemasonry at Polish university library containing 80,000 items amassed by Heinrich Himmler could shed light on the secret society, researchers say

– Disgusting USA Today Normalizes Pedophilia, Claiming it’s ‘Determined in the Womb’ & Pedophiles are ‘Misunderstood’

– “We Failed”: Danish Newspaper Apologizes For Publishing Official COVID Narratives

– COVID-19 booster shots could do more harm than good, according to scientists interviewed late last month by The New York Times

– Nearly 300 doctors and scientists sign open letter to Spotify calling for it to stop Joe Rogan from spreading ‘anti-vax misinformation’