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The Rundown Live #882 – Zoltan Istvan, Bionic Hybrids, Brain Cloud Interface, Synthetic Biology

LIVE TONIGHT! 01/04/2023 on the RUNDOWN LIVE Journalist and accomplished transhumanist activist, Zoltan Istvan joins the Rundown Live to discuss his new article on humanity and the future of ageless bionic hybrids. Zoltan Istvan is a top visionary, journalist and influencer within the Transhumanist movement. Istvan has written for Gizmodo, New Scientist, TechCrunch, The Daily […]

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Kentucky Funeral Home Cremated Body Instead of Releasing it to Cryonics Company

Cryonics Company Claims Funeral Home Cremated Body Against Client’s Will Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live     Imagine having a contract to have your body cryonically preserved, with hopes that one day you could be brought back to life in the future and a funeral home cremates your body, stealing your potential future […]

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