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Truth And Lies In Gaza

An analysis and collection of articles elaborating the reality of Israel’s ethnic cleansing in Gaza (Break The Matrix)¬†Ever since the outset of Israel’s genocidal onslaught against Gaza approximately one month ago corporate media has been awash with perspectives sympathetic to the Zionist cause. In fashion typical of the news media establishment parroting the talking points […]

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The American Journal – FULL SHOW – 11/07/2023 W/ Kristan T. Harris

The Truth Behind the Israel Palestine Conflict Geo-political analyst and co-host of the Rundown Live Don Via Jr, joins Kristan T. Harris on the American Journal to break down the false flags, misinformation behind Israel/ Palestine.  Http://therundownlive.com Shirt Requests Showtips@therundownlive.com Expert 98% of UFO Sightings are Explainable Expert Exposes Secret Fast Mover Program Top astronomer […]

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