Synthetic Telepathy Allows You to “Think” a Message to Someone


Synthetic Telepathy Will Allow You to Remotely See and Feel What Someone Else Can

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

Imagine being able to think a message to a friend or allowing them to see things remotely through your eyes. Scientists for years have been working on technology that can diagnose and translate your thoughts. The latest evolution in this technology is synthetic telepathy, which is also referred to as techlepathy or psychotronics. The process currently requires a brain-computer interface (BCI) to translate your thoughts and allow users to send and receive your invisible communication. The latest tech craze has caught the eye of the US military according to Discover News, and has invested millions into synthetic telepathy hoping to turn soldiers into telepaths.

The University, of California Irvine explains:

The brain-computer interface would use a noninvasive brain imaging technology like electroencephalography to let people communicate thoughts to each other. For example, a soldier would “think” a message to be transmitted and a computer-based speech recognition system would decode the EEG signals. The decoded thoughts, in essence translated brain waves, are transmitted using a system that points in the direction of the intended target.

Dr. Kevin Warrick of the University of Reading, a leading researcher in the area of cyborgs, has proposed “techlepathy” will Be much like “texting in your head.” Some exchanges would be conscious while some would be a new kind of technology enabled unconscious communication.

Currently the technology requires you to have a microchip surgically implanted under the skull and will be widely available in the future, claims Dr. Phillip Alveda, founder of Neuroscience company Cortical.

“Maybe it will be in a baseball cap or a headband or eye glasses, but each six months we have a new generation that’s smaller and more powerful,” Alveda told ABC.

“Imagine that situation. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.”

But the potential does not stop there. The former program director for the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)  announced his predictions and that he hopes to soon be able to hack the human brain and reach towards a technologist’s “wet dream of being able to see out of someone else’s eyes”.

“If I had an implant, and you had an implant, you could say: ‘Hey, I wasn’t able to make it to my daughter’s recital, honey, so can you turn on the implant so I can watch?'”

“We can have telepathic communication, not just of vision, but of all our cognitive awareness,” Dr Adveda told ABC prior to the 2018 Hybrid World Adelaide.

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