Save the Rhinos!


This was my first video for Stossel TV, and now there’s good news! South Africa legalized rhino horn sales shortly after this video first was posted, and since then, rhino poaching FELL.

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Poachers massacre rhinos for their horns. Just one can sell for as much as $300,000. Some are carved into ornaments. Some are ground up and sold as medicine.

But if horns were cheap, few criminals would take the risk and go to the trouble of killing rhinos.

So entrepreneur Matt Markus has a plan to save the rhinos: drive poachers out of business by 3D-printing cheap horns.

Markus says: “When things are abundant, people don’t kill, fight or steal.”

Rhino farmers also guard rhinos because they sell Rhino horns without killing them. That drives down prices, too. In 2008, South Africa banned selling horns. Prices and poaching skyrocketed. Then in 2017, South Africa legalized sales. Since then, poaching declined.

But environmental groups HATE the idea of any market for horns. I debate a representative from the Humane Society in the video above.