Peter Strzok Tweets Response to Investigative Reporter About BIOWEAPONS Laboratories In Ukraine.


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Langley, Virgnia (TRL) – Former FBI Counterespionage Chief Peter Strzok recently tweeted an investigative journalist, responding to his assertions about Strzok’s participation in the proliferation of Ukraine bioweapons labs.


“The terrible, terrible truth is that people like the former president, people like Tucker Carlson played a role in the decision of Russia, as they considered whether or not to roll into the Ukraine.”

-Peter Strzok, Former Counterespionage Section Chief & Lead Investigator in Operation Crossfire Hurricane


  • Strzok is widely known for his role as lead investigator in Operation Crossfire Hurricane, the failed effort by the G-Men to discover alleged Russian interference in the outcome of the 2016 US Presidential Election.
  • Bugarian journalist, Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, is now seeing mainstream media vindication for her years-long work investigating Pentagon-funded biological laboratories in Eastern Europe.
  • Strzok recently publicly called via Twitter for an reinvestigation into the background of Tulsi Gabbard, who has recently publicly discussed the existence of US laboratories in Ukraine.

Besides the fact that Strzok called for an investigation into Tulsi Gabbard yesterday, the former Deputy Head of Counterintelligence from Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan who had an affair with fellow FBI Agent Lisa Page, also “quote tweeted” a response to a tweet from investigative reporter, George Webb. Strzok, former Chief of Counterespionage for the FBI and lover of fellow FBI Agent Lisa Page, cited an article that conflates the discussion of biological warfare labs in Ukraine and support for Donald Trump in his response to independent investigative reporter, George Webb.

“I am not saying this is an Obama smear because it’s true, but you are going to find Nuland and Strzok are behind the secret labs in the Donbas. The Russian military metadata activity points to Mariupol, not Odessa.” asserted investigative reporter George Webb.

“Can’t tell you how difficult it was to get from Guantanamo to Donbas.” replied Strzok to Webb’s tweet, referring to an article that conflates the absurd ideas of the now-fringe “Q” movement, which claims there are currently arrests and executions of corrupt public officials going on behind the scenes, and any open-minded discussion of the possibility of bioweapon labs in Ukraine. Strzok is joking it would be difficult for him to travel to Ukraine if he were incarcerated at GITMO, as these so-called “Q-Tards” are now claiming is the case.

Webb responded, saying “Strzok comes clean.”

In his original tweet, Webb cites an article published at the time of the opening of the Interim Central Reference Laboratory in Odessa, Ukraine in 2010. A level three biosafety lab that was built under the umbrella of the Nunn-Lugar Cooperative Threat Reduction program was stated to study anthrax, tularemia and Q fever, as other dangerous pathogens.

United States Senator Dick Lugar stated that plans for the laboratory started in 2005 when he and then-Senator Barack Obama “entered a partnership” with officials in Ukraine. The pair also helped facilitate research to prevent avian flu in a joint effort between American and Ukrainian scientists.

Established in 1991, the Nunn-Lugar Act was made to provide funding and assistance to the countries around the world including the Soviet Union in the disarmament of their stockpiles of biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons. Lugar also stated the program was responsible for destroying chemical weapons in Albania.

I translated a document from the website of the United States Embassy in Ukraine into English:

Dnipropetrovsk Regional Laboratory Center

St. Shmidt, 26 / St. Filosofska, 39A, Dnipropetrovsk

Information note

Technical assistance plan – Technical assistance plan for designated recipients of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Registration card #2225-04 issued 05/21/2012.

Donor – US Department of Defense

Beneficiary/Vikonavchy body – Ministry of Health Protection of Ukraine

Recipient – ​​Dnipropetrovsk Regional Laboratory Center (Dnipropetrovsk Regional SES)

 Addresses: St. Shmidta, 26 / St. Filosofska, 39A, Dnipropetrovsk Contact person: Dr. Valery Grigorovich Kapshuk, Director of the Center

Contractor – Integrative Contractor: Black and Watch Company. Ukrainian subcontracting organizations: TOV “Domus-Proekt”, Dnipropetrovsk (design), the company “RK-Center” (budget work) and the company “Mediamax” (supply).

Author’s vision -TOV “Domus-Proekt” m. Dnipropetrovsk

“Donor – US Department of Defense” and the contact: “Dr. Valery Grigorovich Kapshuk, Director of the Center” are two interesting highlights from the rough translation. At the bottom of the document it states that the cost of the laboratory required an investment of $1,935,557.

Strzok is an alumnus of Georgetown University, a rumored “spook school” that was the same place where John Kiriakou was recruited into the Central Intelligence Agency. He has been criticized heavily for the revelation of his anti-Trump bias shown in multiple text messages between he and his mistress and colleague, Lisa Page.

United States Under Secretary for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland recently confirmed the fact that “Ukraine has biological facilities” and expressed concern about “research materials” falling into the hands of the Russians. This affirmation coming despite the onslaught of propaganda from the mainstream press about such ideas being ludicrous “disinformation” or “conspiracy theories“.

Bulgarian journalist, Dilyana, who was banned from covering the European Parliament as a journalist for asking the then-US Assistant Secretary of Health about “Pentagon-funded biolabs in 25 countries across the world”, is now being vindicated for being years ahead of the curve on the topic of bioweapons.

“Why has the Pentagon been operating military bio-laboratories in 25 countries, including the US’s main rivals: Russia, China & Iran, and why has the number of deadly outbreaks in those countries increased dramatically since the start of the military program of the United States in these countries?”

“Why are all these projects classified information?”

Even FOX News is discussing biological weapons facilities now, still seeming the only mainstream media legacy outlet that is even attempting to put in a modicum of effort on the topic. In addition to his attack on Tulsi Gabbard, Strzok has also asserted that Tucker Carlson played a significant role in Russia’s decision to invade Ukraine. Regardless of his feelings about Carlson and Gabbard, why did the former #2 in FBI Counterintelligence feel the need to respond to an independent investigative journalist on Twitter?

As usual, the mainstream media is painting anyone who does not demonize Russia as being either a “Qanon adherent” or a supporter of former President Donald Trump. I’m sure it is a difficult task attempting to shut down discussion of bioweapon labs in Ukraine when all one wishes to discuss is the war in Ukraine.

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