New York Sees Abysmal Early Voter Turnout in Primary


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LONG ISLAND, New York – Early voting participation in the New York Primary Election was abysmal. According to New York’s Board of Elections (BOE), 42,831 people voted in all the Empire State’s EV period, and just 17,393 New York City residents partook.

This stat is more amazing when you compare it to Georgia’s early voter record turnout of 850,000+ and the fact that New York has twice as many registered voters. The Peach State had half the voting populace and a early voter turnout nearly 20 times greater than NY’s.

The GOP gubernatorial field includes Andrew Giuliani, a former White House staffer and son of former Mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani. Businessman Harry Wilson and former Westchester Executive, Rob Astorino, round out the field of RNC gubernatorial candidates.

Recent polls have shown that it is a neck-and-neck race between Zeldin and Giuliani.

“Does VP Pence know that Lee Zeldin once touted Andrew Cuomo for president and while in the state senate was a reliable vote for Cuomo?  Either way, it will have no effect on the race,” Astorino told the New York Post on Wednesday.

Lee Zeldin has been endorsed by former Vice President, Mike Pence, as well as The New York Post.

Giuliani has been endorsed by New York morning talk show host, Sid Rosenberg.

POTUS 45 has yet to make an endorsement in the New York primary and with election day on Tuesday, Monday is his last chance to do so.

According to Ballotpedia, just 27% of New York state legislators are being challenged in 2022, 46 Democrats and 5 Republicans. The other 73% of state legislators in New York do not face a primary challenger this year.

After watching their most recent debate, I contended that Giuliani had the best performance. This happened despite the fact the male debate moderator Maurice DuBois was clearly biased against Giuliani.

A poll conducted by Manhattan Republican Party Chair, Andrea Catsimatidis, revealed that 46.6% of the 296 voters, a plurality, also thought Giuliani won the debate.

“I just voted early in the NY Governor primary and they STILL make you wear a mask to vote. It will honestly be a great reminder for people to vote Republican when they walk into their polling place in November,” Catsimatidis said.

The fact that medical fascism continues and Giuliani had to debate in a different building than the other gubernatorial nominees says a lot.

“There are two genders here, ladies and gentlemen,” Giuliani said recently. “The fact that our kids are learning that there are more, is absurd.”

Lee Zeldin, who is a Jew, recently alleged that an anonymous hater left an anti-Semitic message on a Zeldin campaign lawn sign in Long Island.

Zeldin was also caught lying to Giuliani when he was recently asked, “Lee, have you ever called President Trump’s past statements racist?”

On the Democratic side, Governor Hochul is not running unopposed. She will have to fend off long-time Long Island 3rd District Congressman, Tom Souzzi, and New York City “Public Advocate”, Jumaane Williams.

Monday is the last day to apply for an absentee ballot for the 2022 New York Primary Election and NY voters can find their poll site through the Board of Elections.

Polls are open from 6AM to 9PM on Tuesday.

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