Let Crowder Speak


Steven Crowder has the biggest independent news channel on YouTube. But now YouTube’s censoring him.

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Crowder built his big audience by telling politically incorrect jokes.

Sometimes he does investigative journalism. He discovered that Nevada election rolls include people with fake addresses. But YouTube has deleted that.

Now, YouTube has also killed his entire channel’s ability to make money on YouTube.

YouTube says Crowder’s channel was suspended for “violating our presidential election integrity policy.” That policy bans: “Content that advances false claims that widespread fraud, errors, or glitches changed the outcome of any past U.S. presidential election.”

But Crowder didn’t advance “false claims.” His reporting was accurate! YouTube could have checked.
“All of our sources are always available publicly. Every day we list them.”

However, Crowder does make offensive jokes, including parodying black farmers, and dressing as an Asian stereotype and dunks a baby doll into a glass of water (he was mocking China’s horrible one-child policy).

I tell him that I understand YouTube’s wanting to protect its reputation.

Crowder replies that he thought I “had a better sense of humor than that.” He also claims that YouTube has a double standard, and that conservatives, like him, are more likely to be censored.

He points out that in one YouTube video, viewed more than 100 million times, rapper Lil Nas X “is being sodomized by Satan, and not only is that monetized, but it’s deemed child-friendly!” Crowder had other examples.

More of his arguments in the video above.