Former Dogwalker for Ghislaine Maxwell Speaks Out


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New York City, New York (AA) – A Swedish man who used to walk Ghislaine Maxwell’s dog has shared his experience living with the convicted sex offender at her lavish 65th street Manhattan townhouse.


“The thing is I’m not surprised. It sounds weird but I’m not surprised she had done those things because she gave off that energy: with power…you can do anything.”

– Rasmus Alpsjö, Former Ghislaine Maxwell Dogwalker.




  • Rasmus Alpsjö is a Swedish man who stated in a recently released podcast that he spent three months living with and working for Ghislaine Maxwell at her 65th Street townhouse in Manhattan.
  • Alpsjö says that his main duty was walking and feeding the dog, but that he would also run errands for Maxwell around the city, carrying a credit card she gave him with him wherever he went.
  • The credit card given to him only had the initials “GM” on it, something recalled by the podcast host, Raeden Greer, a one-time actress who had been working as a bartender the night she met Rasmus.
  • The pair recount going back to Ghislaine Maxwell’s townhouse on the Upper East Side to have a drink on her balcony.
  • Maxwell allegedly had a system of recruitment for dog-walkers, whereby the criteria included being young, blonde, Swedish, and male.
  • Rasmus Alpsjö worked for Maxwell while on a tourist visa, and he was paid $300 cash under the table working for Ghislaine Maxwell until 5PM on weekdays while taking care of the dog on the weekends.
  • Alpsjö told The Daily Beast that a fellow Swedish male dog-walker told him Borgerson worked for the CIA.

According to the Swede, Maxwell and her then-boyfriend Scott Borgerson sat down with him in Central Park, with Borgerson informing him “This woman that you are working for and living with, she is a very famous woman.” Rasmus recalls him as being somewhat intimidating, the message received being to be as discreet as possible about working for Maxwell. The 24 year old kept his mouth shut and did not inquire further about who she was.

Rasmus Alpsjö contacted the podcaster in 2019 after seeing Maxwell’s name being connected to Jeffrey Epstein in the news. He explained how a man he met at a party in Sweden told him he was “going to New York to work for a rich lady” and that “she likes to have Swedish young men in her house doing stuff for her, like getting her coffee, like looking after her dogs.”

Rasmus said, “I didn’t think much of it when he asked me, You can go after me if you want to…mind you this in a drunken state. We’re just like, out partying. He said I’m going to be there for three months and then we need a new guy. I guess I fit the description…blonde, tall, blue eyes.”

Rasmus states he was contacted three months later by the young man, and a few days later he was interviewed by Ghislaine Maxwell’s assistant, Dana Burns, via Skype.

“It was over in five minutes I think.” said Rasmus.

One of the few questions that was asked was, “Do you like dogs?”

Rasmus says he was instructed by the previous dog-walker to say he was going to stay at a hotel in Times Square and not with Ghislaine Maxwell if he was asked by Customs & Border Control about his lodging upon entry into the country.

Upon arrival, he took a train from Newark to Manhattan, spending his first two days with the other young Swedish man he would replacing as he learned about his new job. He took a cab to 116 E. 56th Street, Ghislaine Maxwell’s townhouse between Park Avenue and Lexington Avenue. Rasmus met her the following morning.

“Do you have a passport?” Maxwell asked him.


“Now you have two passports.” Maxwell told him, instructing him to get a “TerraMar passport” by signing up for the TerraMar newsletter online, an emailed publication that he would later unsubscribe from.

“My first assignment was to get her a coffee from Starbucks. She always had the same coffee….skim milk latte. She wanted that by nine o’clock.”

He recalled walking with Maxwell to Central Park, giving her dog a walk before returning to feed him. The Swede describes Maxwell’s Vizsla, Captain Nemo, as “pretty hard to handle”, speculating that the change of caretakers had a negative effect on his responses to them. He recounted one experience when he allowed a delivery man into a second door into the main part of the house wherein Maxwell reacted with anger that he allowed such a thing to happen.

“That could have been anyone. That could have been someone that wanted to kill me or anything, anything could have happened. I’m think about sending you home. I have to think about it and sleep on it and we’ll see tomorrow.”

“I felt so bad. I was like ‘oh no, I did a huge mistake I’m going to get sent home.”‘ stated the Rasmus in the interview. The next morning, Maxwell told him, “That was really stupid, but I’ll give you another chance.” Rasmus describes the encounter as his scariest moment while living with Ghislaine Maxwell in New York.

He worked Monday to Friday until 5PM, but walked the dog on Saturdays and Sundays, something for which he was paid $300 a week. He adds that if one stayed there and did well, when they returned their rate would increase to $350 or $400 a week, and that on his last day of work he received a $600 bonus for good performance overall.

“I don’t feel that special at all. It doesn’t take much brain capacity to do what I did. Obviously she wanted things her way and she thought she had the right to do everything” asserted Rasmus.

The Swede relays that cab drivers were often curious as to whether he had rich parents due to the lavish townhouse seen upon drop-off/pickup at the Upper East Side address. Unless accompanied by Ghislaine, he was instructed to use the side or “service” door, also sometimes called a servant door. Only when exiting or entering with Maxwell would he be able to use the front door.

I visited Ghislaine Maxwell’s former townhouse at 116 East 65th Street in January.

Rasmus describes an interaction with Ghislaine Maxwell and a sponge cake that he recalls as “weird”, when Maxwell asked him to teach her how to make a sponge cake, something which she responded positively to after he did so. He states in the video “I remember actually thinking right then and there, this is weird.” Another time when Rasmus made hamburgers for Maxwell and a group of her friends, he was showered with praise by Maxwell, and the lady of the house told him, “You have to come back,” meaning he had to return after he went to Sweden to renew his tourist visa.

Dana Burns appears in Epstein flight logs over a dozen times and is listed as “Secretary/Director” of TerraMar. Maxwell claimed in her 2016 deposition that she does not know where Burns lives. This is the same deposition with which she has been charged 2 counts of federal perjury charges.

“I think we became pretty close and I liked her.” he said, adding that they talked daily and he spent Memorial Day weekend at her house.

“It was kind of tough seeing her, that she might be involved or knew a lot of things. I felt like I was left out or she knew a lot of things she never told me. I mean, I would get her, but it just felt like, fake. Like everything feels so fake.”

“I don’t care about any relationship between me and Ghislaine cause it was nothing, but I actually had like a relationship…like, I liked the assistant. I did, a lot. So, that’s the tough part.”

“Did something happen between you two?” asked Dana Burns to Rasmus at a party once.

Rasmus asserts that last time he had contact with Dana Burns was “three or three years ago” on Instagram, messaging a username whose profile is now defunct.

The credit card he carried around with him her initials “GM” on it and nothing else. He once got warned about the possibility of press being outside, with the instructions given to him to not speak to the press or tell them he knows nothing.

The interviewer, Raiden Greer, asserts she was living on 60th Street at the time and that Rasmus invited her over one evening for a drink after meeting her at the bar wherein she was bartending. Rasmus states that it was his last night in Manhattan working for Ghislaine Maxwell.

“It’s a scary thought.” stated the Swede.

Alpsjö relayed to The Daily Beast that a fellow Swedish male dog-walker told him Borgerson worked for the CIA.

“The thing is I’m not surprised. It sounds weird but I’m not surprised she had done those things because she gave off that energy: with power…you can do anything.”

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