Could We Evolve to Not Eat Meat?


Meat was an essential part of early human evolution, but that was millions of years ago. Do we still need it?

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How Humans Became Meat Eaters
“The tale of how humans became such avid carnivores begins 65 million years ago. The dinosaurs have just gone extinct, together with over half of Earth’s species. In rainforests that carpet vast areas of the planet, among soaring trees ribboned with vines, our next ancestor has just evolved.”

The ‘Out of Africa’ Story of Human Migration Is Undergoing Major Revision
“Technological advances in the fields of genetics and archaeology over the past decade, however, are revising the story. The emerging new model, outlined in the journal Science by Petraglia and his team, shows that there were multiple dispersals of modern humans out of Africa, beginning at least 120,000 years ago.”

Prehistoric Fossil Teeth Spark Heated Debate Over Human Evolution
“If confirmed, that would make the teeth around 6 million years older than fossils for the early-human, African ancestor Australopithecus afarensis, aka Lucy. And the age of the teeth would be over 9 million years older than when anatomically modern humans are thought to have migrated out of Africa.”

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