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Microsoft’s Patent 666, Wearable Technology to Monitor Brain Waves and Subconscious Thoughts

*Microsoft Technology Will Monitor Your Brainwaves, Activities and Memories *Dreams, Subconscious Thoughts-Not off Limits to Futuristic Technology *Microsoft to Reward Cryptocurrency Based on Behaviors *Potential for Every Interaction or Thought to Become a Transaction Where You Can Gain or Lose Points/Coins *World Religious Leaders Worry Patent 060606 is Biblical Prophecy of the Mark of the […]

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Kentucky Funeral Home Cremated Body Instead of Releasing it to Cryonics Company

Cryonics Company Claims Funeral Home Cremated Body Against Client’s Will Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live     Imagine having a contract to have your body cryonically preserved, with hopes that one day you could be brought back to life in the future and a funeral home cremates your body, stealing your potential future […]

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Synthetic Telepathy Allows You to “Think” a Message to Someone

Synthetic Telepathy Will Allow You to Remotely See and Feel What Someone Else Can Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live Imagine being able to think a message to a friend or allowing them to see things remotely through your eyes. Scientists for years have been working on technology that can diagnose and translate your […]

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