Americans DONT Want Trump Impeached, Think Media Is LYING To Stop Him

Most American Don’t Want Trump Impeached, Think Media Outlets Trying To Stop Trump. Several polls have already showed something similar, that most Americans don’t want Trump to be impeached. Though most Democrats do, especially far left democrats, moderates sit at only around 39% in favor of impeachment.

Interestingly the poll also found Trump had an approval rating of 40% but 59% did not want him impeached meaning that there are many people who do not approve of Trump but don’t think he should be impeached.

In another poll from Rasmussen we can see that 54% of voters think the media is just trying to stop Trump and they don’t trust the news they hear.

Which leads us to the big question. Outside of the people who don’t trust media, do people think Trump’s approval matters more than policy?

The question we need to ask is is Trump’s disapproval enough to stop his 2020 reelection or is the approval rating for Democrats worse? Will people be more likely to support an unpopular president if the Democratic parties policies are too far left?


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