A.I. is Monitoring You Right Now And Here’s How It’s Using Your Data


There’s wisdom in crowds, and scientists are applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to better predict global crises and outbreaks.

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Identifying Behaviors in Crowd Scenes Using Stability Analysis for Dynamical Systems
“A method is proposed for identifying five crowd behaviors (bottlenecks, fountainheads, lanes, arches, and blocking) in visual scenes.”

Tracking in High Density Crowds Data Set
“The Static Floor Field is aimed at capturing attractive and constant properties of the scene. These properties include preferred areas, such as dominant paths often taken by the crowd as it moves through the scene, and preferred exit locations.”

Can Crowds Predict the Future?
“The Good Judgement Project is using the IARPA game as “a vehicle for social-science research to determine the most effective means of eliciting and aggregating geopolitical forecasts from a widely dispersed forecaster pool.”

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