7 Essential Rundown Live Kenosha Unrest Videos


*Cop Hit by Brick at Jacob Blake Protest
*Kyle Rittenhouse Court Used Video
*Machete Weilding BLM Protester

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live 

Sunday August 23rd

I was able to make it out to the scene of where Jacob Blake was shot 7 times in the back by Kenosha law enforcement and captured the anger and frustration the local community felt. Badges don’t grant extra rights and police should not be Judge Dredd. However the community took out their anger on the Kenosha PD that were present and had nothing to do with the initial incident. This video includes a law enforcement officer knocked out by a brick that was seen world wide, including by the president of the United States.


Monday August 24th

Thousands of BLM protesters from across the state and nation arrive in Milwaukee and march to Kenosha and arrive just as Kenosha protest was dissipating.




Tuesday August 25th

The first encounter with armed citizens and Ryan Balch occurs at the Kenosha courthouse.


Tuesday August 25th

The Kyle Rittenhouse first introduction that was rarely viewed to the Rundown Live after Ryan Balch told me where the armed citizens were located.

August 25th

The video the prosecution has used in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial and what the New York Times described as the “most extensive records of their appearance” of the night. Includes viral footage of police handing out water bottles that Snopes used to fact check as well as violent footage from the night!

August 29th

Machete weilding protester arrested at Kenosha protest filmed by Chase Allen of the Allen Report and licensed by the Rundown Live.




A documentary of all events from beginning to end with no political commentary is being made by former MTV video editor Matt Orfalea.

BONUS Monday August 24th


Oh no! A blm protester gets struck by a light pool that gets pulled down! If anyone knows if this individual is safe please Let us know!