X-Files License Plate Contains Subliminal Message “Taxation Without Representation”

X-Files License Plate Sparks Conversation Over Subliminal Message

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

The X-Files premiered after the NFL playoffs on Sunday night gaining a monstrous 13.5 million viewers. In a scene where former FBI agent Dana Scully is leaving her job you can see the words “Don’t Give Up” written on her dirty vehicle. All though you may remember these three words did you notice the 3 at the bottom of her license plate?

The license plate reads “Washington DC, NAU=455, “Taxation Without Representation”

Whether or not a coincidence the term NAU could mean “North American Union” and leaves us with the question “what could 455 mean?”.

The license plate was posted on social media by rapper Blooded the Brave whose quick eye spotted the message at the bottom of agent Scully’s license plate Sunday night during the show.

bloodedthebrave posted, “Taxation Without Representation.  These are actually available in the D.C District but I believe the #XFiles know exactly what they are doing… Hidden In Plain Sight”


In other X-Files related news it has come out that X-Files may have been canceled due to 9/11 and the heightened political climate according to Gillian Anderson. 

In an interview The Daily Beast, Gillian explains how continuing with the X-Files became to risky and no longer OK.

“The X-Files ended during the Bush administration, and we learned very, very quickly after 9/11 that people couldn’t speak up openly in public about what they thought we should do, or shouldn’t be doing as the result. Most of our show up until that point was—and still is—about government conspiracies. There are conspiracies now about the government having known about or having caused [9/11], or about it being a ruse and an excuse for us to go into Iraq—but it became no longer OK for people to accuse government of being deceitful or untrustworthy. And that was the backbone of our show.”

Blooded has put out a few politically controversial songs. Recently released a music video titled “Peace”

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