Woman Sexually Assaulted by the NYPD, Gets Charged with Felony Assault

Jeff Durkin with We Are Change CT obtained this exclusive follow up interview with Cecily McMillan’s Attorney Martin Stolar. On May 5th Cecily McMillan was found guilty of felony assault in the second degree and faces up to seven years in prison. She was denied bail and is now being detained at Riker’s Island jail.

We discussed updates post-verdict, the prosecution’s handling of the case, NYPD Officer Bovell’s testimony and his past misconduct, as well as the implications that Cecily McMillan’s case has on the NYPD and protestors.

For more background on Cecily McMillan’s case check out our Pre-Trial interview with Cecily’s Attorney here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0M53ukskDoc

Cecily McMillan’s Sentencing is on Monday May 19th at 9:30am
100 Centre Street, New York, NY Room 1116 11th Floor Part 41

UPDATE: On May 19th, 2014 Cecily McMillan was sentenced to 90 days and 5 years probation. She will serve the remainder of her sentence at Rikers Island.

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