Woman Gets Flu Vaccine, Dies From Flu

Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

A Wisconsin health care worker Katherine McQuestion received her flu vaccine as usual and later died from the flu.

img-Flu-related-death-reported-in-KenoshaAccording to WISN, McQuestion’s mother said her daughter had received a flu shot as part of her job as a radiology technician while she worked at St. Catherine’s Medical Center in Pleasant Prairie.

Kenosha County Health Officer Cynthia Johnson shrugged the incident off as a fluke and used this opportunity to  urge people to get vaccinated.

“For the majority of people, they should get vaccinated because this is a very unusual case, and it typically doesn’t happen,” Johnson said.

The concerning thing is Johnson seems unaware that the CDC on December 3rd rendered the 2014 flu vaccine useless as published by Reuters.

the CDC sent an advisory to doctors noting that one component of this year’s flu vaccine was only partially protective against the predominant flu virus, known as influenza A (H3N2), which has mutated since the current flu shots were made. DC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden said it takes four months to make a new flu vaccine even using newer cell-based technologies, too long to be helpful in the current flu season.“, Frieden told Reuters.

The CDC published they can not prove if the flu vaccine actually even works effectively, claiming the process of doing so is “challenging” on their website:

“While determining how well a flu vaccine works is challenging, in general, recent studies have supported the conclusion that flu vaccination benefits public health, especially when the flu vaccine is well matched to circulating flu viruses.”

Never-the-less pharmaceutical companies are confident their product works so many doctors push their products for profit regardless of possible health risks.

Did Katherine McQuestion’s flu shot have Thimerosal in it?

Johnson said McQuestion’s doctor attributed her symptoms to influenza on the death certificate. Her mother said she developed sepsis from the flu, which is essentially blood poisoning, and suffered a heart attack and massive organ failure

Similar side effects are caused by mercury poisoning including the organ failure.

Chronic Sepsis has been documented as a side effect of mercury poising in 1979.

Mercury is toxic to the body , yet big pharma companies insist on including it in flu vaccines under the ingredient Thimerosal.