Woman Faces Possible Jail Time For Planters Made From Old Tires

Woman Faces Possible Jail Time For Planters Made From Old Tires



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Kristan T. Harris | July 3. 2013 | 12:20Am

Toni Bones from Sugar Creek may face possible jail time over her recycling project. Toni Bones also known as “Toni Shelton” took old tires and made them planters.

This shows you how hard your tax dollars are at work.  What a waste of money. Are the local KC police  now the registered Garden Police? You wish this was a joke but it’s not.

Toni mentioned “I was just really interested in recycling and I’m really big on self-sufficiency”

Municipal leaders issued her a warning on the basis that it’s a possibility the tires may cause issues.  They suggested, others may consider the tires trash that could attract mosquitos and create other issues.

So what is the logic and reason on why the tires have to go? “They just said they needed to go,” Shelton said. “I told them I was going to be using them for planters in the spring and they informed me it wasn’t allowed.”

Sugar Creek Chief Herb Soule said the city’s concerns was the number of tires. So now the local government once again knows what is best for you. Who are they to tell you what to do. Lets not forget congress has a 9 % approval rating. Are there not more important issues at hand? If this is what the Kansas City Police force has come to maybe they should cut payroll and return the taxpayers money instead of wasting it.

The case will be heard in municipal court in Sugar Creek next week. Soule says as of right now that the woman’s property is not in violation of any municipal codes.

Is she being targeted? You decide!

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