Wisconsin Voting Machines Fail to Count 1,000’s of Votes in Anti-Lobby Referendum


Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

How would you feel if businesses could no longer lobby politicians with their money in order to sway them to vote in favor of their plans? What if you voted against lobbying in politics and then it was not counted?

“A malfunction with the voting machines in Stoughton Tuesday led to an incomplete outcome of the city’s referendum on whether to amend the U.S. Constitution, Stoughton clerk Lana Kropf said,” according to a single sentence line  report in the Wisconsin State Journal on Thursday.

The ES&S DS200 paper ballot optical-scanners (a computer tabulation system) reported zero votes for the initiative in five of the city’s six voting wards, and just 16 votes (7 Yes, 9 No) in the other.

“Never in my years working in clerks’ offices have I seen something like this,” Kropf told the Journal.

The referendum was rooted in a Move to Amend campaign calling for a 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The version of the Amendment on the Wisconsin ballot reads:

1. Only human beings – not corporations, limited liability companies, unions, non-profit organizations, or similar associations and corporate entities – are endowed with constitutional rights, and

2. Money is not speech, and therefore regulating political contributions and spending is not equivalent to limiting political speech.

Lets take a look at who owns our voting machines.

Rothschild bank has indirectly acquired ownership of somewhere near 80% of the voting machines globally. I was told this while working for an independent law firm investigating 2012 GOP primary election fraud against Ron Paul.

Voting Machines used as of November, 2008 in Wisconsin (and current) with owners.

Paper ballot marking machines with electronic interface:
• Election Systems & Software’s AutoMARK Technical Systems AutoMARK VAT—-ROTHSCHILD
• Populex Digital Paper Ballot
• Vote-PAD’s Vote-PAD Ballot Marking System

Direct-Recording Electronic (DRE) machines with a paper trail:
• Election Systems & Software’s iVotronic—ROTHSCHILD
• Premier Election Solutions’s Diebold AccuVote TSx
• Sequoia AVC Advantage–MICHAEL SMURFIT/ROTHSCHILD (now owned by Dominion of Canada)
• Sequoia AVC Edge II–MICHAEL SMURFIT/ROTHSCHILD (now owned by Dominion of Canada)

Optical scanning machines:
• Election Systems & Software’s ES&S Model 100—ROTHSCHILD
• Election Systems & Software’s ES&S Model 150—ROTHSCHILD

• Election Systems & Software’s ES&S Model 400–ROTHSCHILD
• Election Systems & Software’s ES&S Model 550–ROTHSCHILD
• Premier Election Solutions’s Diebold AccuVote (including Diebold AccuVote ES-2000)
• Premier Election Solutions’s Diebold AccuVote OS
• Sequoia Optech III-P Eagle, also sold by Election Systems & Software–ROTHSCHILD

Are these infamous international private bankers  involved only by chance in this? Just like they were by chance involved in Enron? Charter Oak Partners, an affiliate of Rothschild Realty Inc., which is an affiliate of Rothschild, Inc.

Here is a court case you can use as an example – http://www.state.vt.us/psd/6107/6107wlr.pdf

Maybe it is time to start hand counting ballots. It may take longer, but then your vote will be guaranteed to be counted.

Lets not forget it was the House of Rothschild who funded Adam Weishaupt’s Bavarian Illuminati May 1, 1776 and funded the communist manifesto and Hitler in WWII – as published by famous radio broadcaster and actor guild founder, Myron C. Fagan in 1967.

We saw a similar style of fraud in the 2012 Republican primary against Ron Paul. Convenient malfunctions and missing votes – by the time you can challenge it in court the election is over. In a study by a private firm I was involved in, I was told that 80% of voting machines are directly or indirectly owned by Rothschild.