Wisconsin Ranks 2nd in Organic Farms in United States


Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

Wisconsin has become a contender as a health leader in organic farming in the United States. California is the only state in the country ahead of Wisconsin according to new federal statistics.

Basic RGBThe Associated Press reports Wisconsin had 1,180 organic farms in 2012, with one in five of them in Vernon County, where Organic Valley has risen to be the nation’s top seller of organic milk. Organic Valley’s success has encouraged neighboring counties to consider similar measures.

Organic Valley CEO George Siemon says the cooperative started in the late 1980s when tobacco farmers in western Wisconsin were looking for a new crop.

The company now employs 1,800 farms nationwide and 750 non-farm workers.

Vernon County is also home to Harmony Valley Farm, and another major farm, Driftless Organics, is in neighboring Crawford County.

Where to buy Organic food?

Wisconsin’s top grocers of organic and non GMO foods include Whole Foods, Outpost and Trader Joes.




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