Wisconsin Police Received $28 Million Dollars in Military Equipment


Kristan T. Harris | The Rundown Live

Local Wisconsin Police agencies have received more than $28 million worth of military gear through the 1033 program since post 9/11.

Documents from the state’s Department of Military Affairs, obtained by Gannett Wisconsin Media under Wisconsin’s public records law, show that more than 67,000 military-grade items were given to 219 agencies, according to the Stevens Point Journal.

Including heavily armored vehicles such as  tanks, GT Boxers,  MRAP’s, Bearcats, Rooks and a variety of Mine-Resistant Personal Armored Carriers (PAC).

Other items include spy equipment such as Stingray technology, Hailstorm cell phone tower,  night-vision goggles, M-16 assault rifles, grenade launchers, robots, LRAD and a helicopter.

Rock county police sheriff, Robert Spoden recently purchased a tank in Wisconsin instead of upgrading out of date firearms for his county. This purchase comes after the county purchased a robot and a Bearcat military vehicle.

In Brown County, the sheriff’s department received a massive mine resistant ambush protected military surplus vehicle in April. It only had to pay $3,900 to have the vehicle, valued at about $700,000, shipped from Texas, said Lt. Dan Sandberg, commander of the Brown County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team.

Many other police departments around Wisconsin are receiving this equipment including Madison, Neenah, Beloit, Janesville, Marinette and Milwaukee, just to name a few.