Police Hand Out Citation For Carrying Cross


The Rundown Live | Kristan T. Harris

The Town of Campbell local Police department issued a citation to an individual for holding a cross. Police officer in this video referred to as “Casper” issued a 132 dollar citation to a man (Kevin) Wisconsin Police Hand Out Citation For Holding A Cross On Overpassholding a wooden cross! Kevin went on to mention the cross is a religious symbol and not a sign.

This is a direct attack on the 1st amendment and an obvious abuse of power.  The officer went on to say he was “just doing his job“. Kevin went on to say “holding the constitution and the rights of the people and  safety is your job not harassing the people”.

Others where fined for having an American flag.

Court date is January 13th.
Police Office Phone:  (608) 783-1050
City Hall:  (608) 783-0050