Wisconsin and Minnesota To Get “Top Secret” $19 Million DHS Domestic Security Force

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The Department of Homeland Security is coming to Wisconsin in style. The DHS is going to spend $19 million dollars on a private armed security  force unit in Wisconsin and Minnesota. The unit will have  “Top Secret” security clearance according to the official solicitation which also  suggests that the DHS is not looking  to hire armed guards, but professionals or military trained mercenaries.

This just goes to show you how the Department of Homeland Security continues to treat the American public it serves as the enemy. What on earth is the Department of Homeland security preparing for?

These are past Department of Homeland Security purchases. These items where being purchased by the Pentagon none of which is for use in wars overseas.

Why does DHS have enough illegal hollow point ammo to fight a 7 year war on hand? Why are they getting mobile armored units and bulletproof checkpoints? Is it Al Qaeda who is recording all our telephone conversations, emails, instant messages, texts, banking statements and putting camera’s up on the street corners?

Get ready Wisconsin!  Will this keep us safe from terrorists? If we are funding Al Qaeda to fight for us in Syria is this money well spent? Your 7 times more likely to die from a shark attack than a terrorist attack. You do not see them hiring more life guards at the each do you? Get ready Wisconsin VIPR teams are on their way!

Must we be raped by the TSA to keep us safe from terrorists? Isn’t rape terror?  Why is the TSA employee’s always in the news for crimes? Why does the TSA hire felons?




  • Joe

    Unfortunately, the premise of your article is completely incorrect and entirely based on a faulty reading of the FedBizOpps posting.

    “The NAICS code for this acquisition is 561612, Security Guard and Patrol Services. The size standard is $19 Million.”

    The $19 Million size standard number is not a purchase amount; it’s standard government procurement language that means a company has to earn less than $19 million a year if it wants to be eligible for any small business set-asides. (This one doesn’t have any small business set-asides, it’s a full and open competition.)

    This posting doesn’t mention any purchase amounts at all; just one 12-month base period, 4 12-month option periods, and a possible 6-month extension.

    Your other blog says that you’re a critical thinker; if you’re intellectually honest, you’ll admit your mistake, issue a retraction, and try to learn more about the government procurement process and FBO postings (including what an ID/IQ contract is) before you post another article like this.

  • Nikki Miskowic

    Thank you Joe. You took the words right out of my mouth. Blows my mind that people write about something that they have no understanding of and people that read it automatically assume it’s accurate. Shameful article.

  • DHS buys 2717 Navistar Armored Defense Vehicles, 7000 fullauto assault rifles, 10,000 bullet proof check points. Been buying so much domestic caliber ammo that there are civilian shortages for the last two years and you guys point out errors the articles in the understanding of government contract procurement requirements. Wow, did you guys miss the point. The DHS IS NOT THE MILITARY. WHY DO THEY NEED THIS MUCH FIREPOWER? DO YOU NOT SEE A PROBLEM WITH CREATING A MILITARY FORCE WITHIN THE BOARDERS OF OUR ONCE FREE COUNTRY.

    • Joe

      Because nearly all of the fear-mongering is based on misreadings of federal contracts, or not understanding normal government purchasing habits, or not considering that the Coast Guard is a part of DHS. For example:

      * The 2,717 armored defense vehicles you cite were for the Marine Corps, not DHS (source: http://littlegreenfootballs.com/article/41713_Fact_Checking-_Obama_DHS_Purchases_2700_Light-Armored_Tanks).

      * The domestic ammo shortage was due to panic buying and hoarding by regular people (minus some buying in previous years to support the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq) — the numbers in the ammo ID/IQ (indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity) contracts that so many people were screaming about are ceilings for multi-year purchases, not actual buys. The list goes on and on.

      Militarization of civilian police (not just DHS — see all of Radley Balko’s writings) is definitely something to be concerned about, but the hysterical screaming about DHS/FEMA black helicopters and death camps distracts from all this.

      • Where exactly do you think the money is coming from for our local police dept to buy all this unnecessary military grade hardware in the first place? Why it would be federal grants coming out of DHS budget. Joe you have some legitimate points but I personally believe the comments obama made while running for president. “We need a domestic force as large as our military force.” Well, I believe he was sincere when he uttered those words. They have also giving grants for severance cameras and fiber networks on every major college campus across the country so Joe forgive me if I don’t share you fondness for the militarzation of our country. There are so many examples that I will not bore you with the facts. We obviously dont see things in the same context.

        • Joe

          Billybob — I agree, we don’t see things in the same context. (For example, looking at the full Obama quote you mentioned, I see a reference to the Peace Corps and a “USA Freedom Corps” for Americans to find volunteer opportunities. See: http://www.factcheck.org/2008/11/obamas-national-security-force/) And that’s fine.

          All that I’m looking for is for people to use actual facts, not forwarding hysterical talking points without checking them, just because they fit our preconceived notions (despite the fact that they’re based on open-source materials that anyone can easily check).

          Also for people to recognize the totality of evidence (e.g. militarization of police has been going on since at least the 1960s and spurred in the 1980s by the War on Drugs; FEMA was largely a Cold War response to the threat of nuclear war; DHS was created by George W. Bush; the surveillance society also includes private companies, etc.)

          I’d be satisfied if I can get one person to stop using the “DHS 2,717 armored vehicles” scare quote.

  • Did you call the number at the bottom of the posting for an official statement?

    “For questions concerning this announcement, contact Paul Szymanski at paul.szymanski@hq.dhs.gov or (817) 649-6208″

  • Jason Duncan

    What, exactly, is illegal about hollowpoint ammo?

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