Wisconsin, One Step Closer, Legalizing Raw Milk


Mike Paczesny


A controversial bill passes committee vote 3-2, that had the state’s cheese, dairy and medical community against smaller farmers and those who believe in the health benefits associated with drinking unpasteurized raw milk.

The approved, Senate Bill 236 would allow farmers to sell raw milk to the public.

The bill will be scheduled for a vote before the full Senate. But the Senate also ends its work for the year on Tuesday, making it unlikely the bill will get a chance at passage until next year.

Proposed rules for raw milk farmers

Under Senate Bill 236, raw milk farmers would have to:

■ Meet certain guidelines and be registered with the state.

■ Post signs warning of possible health problems that could come from consuming raw milk.

■ Take samples and freeze and store them for at least 15 days and make those samples available to government inspectors.

■ Record names and contact information of all customers and make that available to government officials.

■ Withhold sale of milk from a cow given an antibiotic drug until testing proved no drug residue remained.

■ Sell unpasteurized milk that is free of pathogens and meets standards for bacterial counts and somatic cell counts.




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