Wisconsin Bill Would Make Smart Meter Optional




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Kristan T. Harris | July 11. 2013 | 1:16pm


Wisconsin Rep. Jeremy Thiesfeldt announced today a  smart meter opt out bill for Wisconsin, LRB 0644/2. You would then have the ability to accept or refuse the controversial Smart Meters.  The bill covers installation of smart meters and will allow customers to opt-out.  The bill also states that customers who unwillingly had them installed may have them removed as well.

About Smart Meters

When installed people have noticed an increase in their bill. Just like obamacare would not increase your health care costs and people are now seeing their bills rise. Electric companies say smart meters are “More efficient” although most people have seen an increase in charges.

Smart meters will monitor you any way possible. Even your appliances and energy usage minute-by-minute. Smart meters have absolutely no energy-saving properties, their main purpose is to change and monitor your behavior.

Thats why I support this law, which protects individual property, privacy and health choices. Ben Franklin said “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety“.

Just think what a corrupt person could do with this information. This information could very easily be used to see when you are home and when you are not. Say goodbye to your big screen. They know what you plug-in and when. They sell it as “better privacy and security”  however offer less privacy and the government sticking their nose in your business.

Smart Meters work on Smart Grid technology. They can turn your power on or off at your home, street or city remotely. This would allow a corrupt government the  ability to have staged brown outs. This would help convince us to be more energy-efficient.

If there is martial law they could turn off all electricity even to those who would choose to brave a natural catastrophe. This would help force people out of the city or leave them helpless. Again making it seem as though you have no choice.

For those who say I am being paranoid just look back to the Patriot Act and the surveillance state us “paranoid people”  warned you about. Cameras on the street corners, spying on all your phone calls, bank accounts, drones, DNA sampling and now smart meters.

If this kind of behavior was not acceptable in Nazi Germany what makes it “alright”  in the USA today?

The government is forcing this on people. Even arresting patriots who do not want these smart meters.

Smart meters use Pulsed Radio frequency radiation which is a class 2b potential carcinogen.  Residents have been complaining about health issues around  smart meters. In a recent study…

Dr. Ed Halteman, PhD, found that  many of the 318 residents of a surveyed area with smart meters installed in their homes experienced:

• Sleep problems (49 percent surveyed)
• Stress (43 percent)
• Headaches (40 percent)
• Ringing in the ears (38 percent)
• Heart problems (26 percent)

Halteman said,that sleep problems doubled after smart meter installation as well as many reported health issues.

Please help support this bill. Defend your ability to make choices for yourself.


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