Will Joe Biden Jump Into The 2016 Presidential Race?

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The White House responded to rumors that Vice President Joe Biden was considering a run for President in 2016 by repeatedly praising him and the work he has done as a member of the Obama Administration.

The New York Times reported on Saturday that Biden has been holding meetings at his Washington home to discuss challenging Hillary Clinton for the Democratic presidential nomination.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest had this to say regarding a possible run by the Vice President:

“Well, I won’t get into rating the qualifications of any candidates or possible candidates. But I think the president has indicated that one of the reasons that he chose Joe Biden to be his running mate and to be the vice president of the United States is that he thinks that he would be a good president. There’s no doubt about that.”

“When the president chose Vice President Biden to be his vice president, he described it at the time and many times since it was the smartest decision that he’d made in politics, and that’s because the vice president was — has been uniquely suited for this role.”

Biden has said publicly he would make a decision on whether to run for President at the end of the summer.

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