Wikileaks Exposed Scalia Assassination? DNC Staffer to Honduran Activist, Clinton Body Count

An email leaked by Wikileaks on Thursday may finally be a smoking gun for one of the Clinton murders: implicating the Clinton clan in the murder of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Gregory Scalia.

Particularly relevant was an observation made by the Gateway Pundit, that Chelsea Clinton said something to the effect of “now that Scalia is gone we can enact gun control.” That’s the exact type of criminal, gangster, mocking behavior we’ve seen from the Clinton crew time and time again.

In this video we explore Clinton murders in greater context, looking at the possibility of Clinton or United States involvement in the March 2016 assassination of Honduras activist Berta Cáceres, the suspicious death of DNC staffer Seth Rich a few months ago, and the suspicious deaths of people such as teenagers Don Henry and Kevin Ives, and several of their friends, in the Mena, Arkansas cocaine running scandal over 20 years ago.