Wi-Fi is Now Being Used to Power Devices

Mike Paczesny | The Rundown Live

Wi-fi signals are now being used to beam power.

Soon enough, you will be able to cut the cord. You won’t need them. In the future, your phone will be charged wirelessly just using existing Wi-Fi signals.

Researchers have been looking at ways to use wi-fi as a power source.

An experiment by researchers looking at ways to use wi-fi as a power source is proving successful.

A “battery free” camera was modified so it could scavenge power from ambient wi-fi signals, store it and then use it to take photos.

The team behind the project believes its techniques will be useful for powering the many devices expected to form the “internet of things”.

The system is known as power-over-wi-fi.

The team used the power beaming system to run a temperature sensor and a small surveillance camera that both sat several meters away from a wi-fi hotspot.

The camera gathered energy from wi-fi and stored it in a capacitor that prompted the camera to take a picture when it was charged every 35 minutes.

In a paper detailing their work, the team claims it has the potential to help power small, low-power sensors and actuators that are expected to become common in homes and workplaces as part of the internet of things.

“The ability to deliver power wirelessly to a wide range of autonomous devices and sensors is hugely significant,” said a story about the research in MIT’s Technology Review. “Powi-fi could be the enabling technology that finally brings the internet of things to life.”

Is this what Tesla had in mind years ago?

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