Why It’s Always Important to Film The Police

Jeff Durkin with We Are Change CT breaks down why it’s always important to Film The Police. We go into detail about the cases involving Eric Garner & Walter Scott where video footage helped raise public awareness about their cases & police brutality. We also discuss the importance of filming police encounters and why the police tend to treat people who film police activity as a threat, including the implications that has on the people’s right to film police & much more.


Police Retaliation? Man Who Filmed Cops Killing Eric Garner Arrested on Gun Charge: http://bit.ly/UWUzD7

Man Imprisoned After Filming Eric Garner’s Refusing to Eat, Rat Poison Found in Jail Food: http://bit.ly/1Cckt4a

Grass Roots Effort Raises $16K Bail In a Day to Free the Man Who Filmed Eric Garner’s Death: http://bit.ly/1N9ZWJ5

Officials Refuse to Let Ramsey Orta Out of Jail Despite Grassroots Effort Raising & Posting Bail: http://bit.ly/1CAjAlT

Ramsey Orta, who filmed Eric Garner arrest video, released on bail: http://bit.ly/1yoqAYl

South Carolina Officer Is Charged With Murder of Walter Scott: http://nyti.ms/1a2QHbd

Want to Record The Cops? Know Your Rights via The Electronic Frontier Foundation: http://bit.ly/1PUUMj6

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