Why Florida Is So Perfect For Space Launches

For about 60 years, the U.S. has launched its rockets into space from Cape Canaveral. What makes Florida so perfect for space launches?

Why Rocket Launches Always Get Cancelled – https://youtu.be/TzTU-ZfjQlE
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Why Do Rockets Launch from Florida?
“Sixty years ago this week, Florida’s “Space Coast” was born with the launch of a rocket called Bumper 8 on July 24, 1960, from what was then called Long Range Proving Ground Base on Cape Canaveral. Today, Cape Canaveral is America’s gateway to the cosmos, but it wasn’t the first place from which rockets were launched in the United States.”

The History of Cape Canaveral: The Missile Range Takes Shape
“Three potential sites emerged. One was based on the coast of northern Washington, with a range along the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. A second was based at El Centro, California, with a range along the coast of Baja, Mexico. A third was based at the Banana River Naval Air Station, with launches from Cape Canaveral and a range over the Atlantic Ocean.”

Space Launch Sites Around the World
“There are not many spaceports around the world. Fewer than two dozen have been constructed during the Space Age. Some are well known places open to the public, while others are top secret closed sites. The spaceports dot the globe at locations dictated by political realities and technical requirements for lifting satellites to orbit above Earth.”

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Written By Trace Dominguez