Why Does The Word Moist Make Us Cringe?

How do you feel about the word “moist”? Not so good? Here’s why certain words make us feel so uncomfortable!

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Why Do We Hate Certain Words
“..During a recent reading of “Escape From Spiderhead” in Austin, Texas, Saunders says he encountered something unexpected. “I’d texted a cousin of mine who was coming with her kids (one of whom is in high school) just to let her know there was some rough language,” he recalls. “Afterwards she said she didn’t mind fu*k, but hated-wait for it-moist. Said it made her a little physically ill.
Mr. Saunders, say hello to word aversion.”

We Know You Hate ‘Moist.’ What Other Words Repel You?
“Moist. Luggage. Crevice. Stroke. Slacks. Phlegm.
How did those words make you feel?
Certain everyday words drive some people crazy, a phenomenon experts call “word aversion.” But one word appears to rise above all others: “moist.” For that reason, a recent paper in the journal PLOS One used the word as a stand-in to explore why people find some terms repellent.”

Everyday Words That Make You Go Ew
“A recent Times article asked readers to name everyday words that repelled them, and “slacks” was one of the front-runners. But the word for pants couldn’t compete with a term for female underpants.”


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