Why Do We Have Butts?

Humans have bigger butts than any other animal! Here’s why we have so much junk in the trunk.

Why Can Newborn Animals Walk But We Can’t? – http://bit.ly/2bGrXIW
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The Origin Of The Anus
“Yes that’s a picture of a puppy, with a little bit of its rear end showing. And no, we couldn’t actually illustrate this story with an anus, now could we?
And before we discuss the origin of the anus; let’s back up a little. It’s a subject surrounded by, how should we put it, a bit of cheek. A topic right for puns, or a touch of verbal diarrhoea as we can’t but help see the innuendo.”

These Butts Were Made For Walking
“What else distinguishes us from the apes besides walking fully upright? We have bigger brains, of course. And we also have bigger butts. Some researchers have wondered whether our rear ends were a prerequisite or a consequence of our upright posture. Now Thomas Greiner, a physical anthropologist at New York Chiropractic College in Seneca Falls, argues that our ample posteriors are a bipedal by-product.”

When Humans And Chimps Split
“A new study of genes in humans and chimpanzees pins down with greater accuracy when the two species split from one. The evolutionary divergence occurred between 5 million and 7 million years ago, an estimate that improves on the previous range of 3 million to 13 million years in the past.”

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