Why Do Private Armies Fight America’s Wars?

Why Is The US Still In Iraq? http://testu.be/1rjsUHx
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Recently, private security contractors were widely criticized for their ambiguous role in international armed conflicts. So what are these private militaries?

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Overcoming Post-Colonial Myopia: A Call to Recognize and Regulate Private Military Companies
“The sovereign’s resort to mercenaries is as old as history itself. Ramses II led an army composed largely of Numidian mercenaries in the Battle for Kadesh in 1294 B.C.,3 and King David used mercenaries to drive the Philistines from Israel in 1000 B.C.”

Soldiers of Good Fortune
“At a remote tactical training camp, in a swamp 25 miles from the world’s largest naval base, six U.S. sailors are gearing up for their part in President Bush’s war on terrorism.”

Afghanistan Contractors Outnumber Troops
“Even as U.S. troops surge to new highs in Afghanistan they are outnumbered by military contractors working alongside them, according to a Defense Department census due to be distributed to Congress — illustrating how hard it is for the U.S. to wean itself from the large numbers of war-zone contractors that proved controversial in Iraq.”

International Convention against the Recruitment, Use, Financing and Training of Mercenaries
“Mindful of the need to conclude, under the auspices of the United
Nations, an international convention against the recruitment, use, financing
and training of mercenaries[…]”

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Why Is The US Still Fighting In Iraq

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